'Women at War' at apexart

"Have You Killed a Bear of Becoming Jamila" (still from video), 2013-14, by Marwa Arsanios

Women, often ignored in accounts and historical perspectives of war, are brought to the fore in an upcoming show at apexart, online and in the Tribeca gallery. “Beyond Metaphor: Women and War” will showcase the work of five contemporary artists who look at the experiences of women during the Algerian War of Independence, fought between 1954 and 1962. As fighters, nurses, community organizers and teachers, women played key roles in that struggle. Among the offerings are Nadja Makhlouf’s photographs of women veterans of the war, and Kader Attia’s video featuring her relatives’ recollections of everyday forms of resistance. The contemporary work will be shown along with historical photographs and magazine coverage of the war. 

The show at the gallery runs from May 28 to July 31. For more information and to register for a virtual walk-through with the curator, Katarzyna Falęcka, go here.