Two Workers Rescued from Dangling Scaffold in Brookfield Place

The first of two workers trapped in a dangling scaffold climbs to safety through a window cut open by firefighters from Rescue Co. 1. Photo: Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

Oct. 05, 2020

A collapsed scaffold kept two window washers dangling 20 stories above Vesey Street for about 40 minutes Monday morning before rescuers brought them safely inside the building. 

The FDNY was called to the scene around 9:10 a.m., where the scaffold hung diagonally near the corner of the 36-story office tower at 250 Vesey Street in Brookfield Place. Firefighters from Rescue Co. 1 cut open a window next to the scaffold where the two men, wearing their safety harnesses plus additional ropes dropped to them by FDNY crews, were able to climb into the building.

FDNY Engine 1 and Ladder 10 first arrived on the scene, checked the workers for injuries and secured them with ropes, the FDNY said. 

“We checked all the rigging and everything to the scaffold that they were on to make sure they wouldn’t move any further,” said Lt. John Tobin of Rescue Co. 1. Firefighters used glass cutting equipment to remove the window panel and bring them in, uninjured.  

“We are able to pull those two scaffold workers in right where they are instead of putting them in further jeopardy sometimes by pulling them further up the building,” Tobin said.

“All the companies worked excellent together, this was a coordinated effort,” Tobin said. “This is something we train for all the time.”

The scaffold was later removed.