Once Again, Tribeca Lofts Are Waiting to Be Toured

Interior stairs of an apartment at 142 Duane Street, on view during the Inside Tribeca Loft Tour. Photo: Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

Oct. 08, 2015

The doors swing open once again for the “Inside Tribeca Loft Tour, taking place Sunday, Oct. 18. from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Online tickets are $60, or $65 when purchased at Duane Park (Duane and Hudson Streets) on the day of the event, if they are still available. Proceeds support two local parks groups, Friends of Duane Park and Friends of Bogardus Garden. For more details and to order tickets, go to duanepark.org/news.


Below, the interior designers from three of the lofts on view talk about some of the features of their creations.


34 Laight Street, Ole Sondresen Architect



Top left:  With the birth of their third daughter in 2013 the owners acquired the fourth floor loft and combined it with their fifth floor home. The old family room became the dining room with furniture by Palo Samko and a large piece of art by JR.


Top right: The recent combination of the two floors allowed the owners to create a large sun-flooded playroom for their girls on the fourth floor. Oliver Clegg's depiction of Mickey Mouse hangs across from the girls' chalkboard and painting easels.


Bottom left: A free-standing walnut cube in the master suite houses a steam shower, WC and linen closets. The mill work has two hidden pocket doors for privacy. In their open position they reveal the painting by Corno in the hallway and the Sam Francis over the bed.


Bottom right: The living room on the fifth floor has large south-facing windows overlooking St. John's Park and One World Trade Center. Three Dustin Yellin sculptures adorn the wide window sill.


90 West Broadway, Vané Broussard, Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design



Top left: An art installation by Tribeca artist Adam Lowenbein really livens up this corner of the living room.


Top right: The living room is a great space for entertaining and gathering as a family. The bold rug and coffee table are custom designs by GVID, and the coffee table specifically is great for families with children since it's made with a laminate top and has storage within for games and books, while still looking sleek. The all-white dining room features a custom designed dining table by UM Project, Moooi shades in various shapes and sizes, and all white Eames chairs with the exception of one done in black.


Bottom left: The youngest son loves the color blue, so his room has a fun aquatic themed wallpaper and turquoise rug, and to maximize storage space, custom-made built-ins are worked into the room.  The diamond windows are an element that were original to the building.


Bottom right: The client's son is obsessed with hockey, so his room features a color scheme based on his favorite team, a bold graphic stripe on the walls and a custom hockey decal made as a backdrop.


143 Duane Street, Michaela Deiss, TRIARCH



Left: This penthouse apartment sits atop a typical 19th-century loft building in Tribeca. A recent renovation of the rooftop terrace has created a series of spaces, each of which serves a particular function, tied together by a series of architectural elements—stairs, canopies, awnings and skylight. The expression of these elements has a nautical character to it, appropriate perhaps, given the role that water plays in the overall design of the terrace. This nautical sensibility is also evident in the master bathroom below. Created over a decade before the roof terrace, the bathroom with its wood paneling, storage compartments and skylight feel like they are part of a luxurious below-deck cabin on a sailing yacht.


Right: The infinity pool and roof terrace. We were interested in exploring how the architectural framework and associated elements; blinds, lighting, retractable and fixed canopies, etc., could create varying degrees of privacy and shelter while also framing the extraordinary views as one moves through the various areas of the roof terrace.