LETTER: Don't Tamper with Stuy High Admission Standards

Jul. 07, 2014

To the Editor:

With all the things that need to be fixed in New York, it seems to me that the Mayor should not waste his time fixing things that don't need fixing.

Stuyvesant high school is a fine high school doing a fine job educating some of the smartest young people in New York.  No one complains about the education they get and the best universities in America want Stuyvesant graduates. So changing the testing system because the student body does not look the way the mayor wants it to look has to be a major mistake.

I saw somewhere that the Mayor said, "We cannot have a dynamic where some of our greatest educational options are only available to people of certain economic backgrounds".  Well, I don't know the economic backgrounds of the Stuyvesant High School students but I live on Chambers Street and see the kids going to and coming from classes every day.  I understand that 73% are Asians which approaches what I observe and I cannot believe they all come from privileged economic backgrounds.  I think that their parents push their kids to study hard and succeed.  If that is the case, hats off to all those outstanding Asian kids!

I also understand that a very small percentage of the 28,000 applicants who take the tests for the specialized High Schools in New York are accepted.  I believe that most of the kids who take the test are very smart.  So instead of lowering the admission standards, why not establish more specialized high schools so that more of the smartest kids in New York City can have their chance to an excellent education.   Maybe some of the NEW high schools could have the standards the mayor wants.  But as far as Stuy is concerned Mr. Mayor, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Gordon Bowling
80 Chambers Street

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