Thousands of Quiet Clubbers Rock the Winter Garden

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Quiet Clubbing came to the Winter Garden in Brookfield Place last weekend with thousands of headphone-wearing dancers swaying, singing and generally rocking to the songs of the 80, 90s and 2000s—music that only these partygoers could hear.

It all took place beneath 650 “Luminaries,” the hanging holiday lamps strung above the floor, bathing dancers in ever-changing light.

Hundreds stood in line waiting to be issued one of the special headphones that glowed red, green or blue, depending on the DJ-driven music they chose to dance to. All through the Winter Garden, the colorful instruments bobbed to the pulse of the music.

Debra Simon, who oversees arts programming for Brookfield Properties, said the DJs were given no curatorial direction for their multi-decade playlists. “We just wanted to make sure they played their most fun music to keep people up on their feet dancing,” Simon said. “And they were successful.”

So successful, Simon added, that Brookfield is considering bringing Quiet Clubbing back next year, and not just for the holidays.