Thieves target Del Frisco patrons; locker theft at NY Sports Club

Reports from the 1st Precinct

Mar. 10, 2020

In front of 1 West,  3/8, 10:50 pm

While he made a delivery, a man's $1,600 bike was stolen.

Burberry, 250 Vesey, 3/7, 2:30 pm

A shoplifter stole three shirts and a hoodie valued at $1,820.

Del Frisco's Grille, 3/5, 250 Vesey, 9 pm 

A man and a woman were having drinks at a bar when thieves stole the wallet from the man's jacket he had hung over the back of his chair. They are also wanted for removing the credit cards from the woman's bag that she had put next to her. The woman received text alerts from her bank that there were four unauthorized usages made on her card at Duane Reade totaling almost $1,300. Police are looking for two male suspects. 

Duane Reade, 250 Broadway, 3/6, 8:58 pm

A thief removed $3,070 worth of Vichy and La Roche Posay cosmetics from a shelf, concealed them in a bag, and left the store.

New York Sports Club, 217 Broadway, 12:30 pm

A Brooklyn man, 51, returned from working out and discovered that the lock on his locker was gone and that someone had stolen all his clothing, a credit card, driver's license and his MetroCard.

Burger King, 106 Fulton, 3/4, 1:05 am

While the restaurant was closed, a burglar entered from a basement door, and then stole $429 from the register.

Pine & South, 3/3, 9 am

A Brooklyn resident, 32, locked his $3,000 BMC Roadmachine bike to a rack before going to work. When he returned at 5 p.m., it was gone, along with the lock.

In front of 11 John, 3/1, 9:30 pm

A homeless man, 60, who was sitting on the sidewalk, got into a dispute with another man, 28, who slashed him in the neck with a pair of scissors. The victim was treated at New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital. The assailant was arrested.

Coco Bistro, 36 Peck, 2/29, 5:40 am

After prying open the door to the restaurant, damaging the lock and breaking the glass, a burglar stole two bottles of Tequila and two bottles of Grey Goose vodka with a total value of $90.

Kati Rolls & Lassis, 22 Maiden Lane, 2/29, bet. 5:14 & 6:17 am

A burglar entered the restaurant by breaking the front door glass window with a screwdriver. He stole two iPads worth $450. He also threw the register to the floor and when it failed to open, he used pliers to force it open, taking $168 that was inside.

In front of 264 Water, 2/29, 3:52 am

A 90 John Street resident, 39, was accused of snatching a taxi driver's cell phone from his hand after getting out of the cab. Police canvassed the area and after the driver pointed out the alleged thief, he was arrested.

Dunkin' Donuts, Fulton Transit Center, 2/29, 2:00 am

A man went into the shop's office and stole a bookbag and cellphone belonging to an employee. The thief was found by police with the bag and phone and arrested.

Alley Cat Amateur Theatre, 10 Theatre Alley, 2/28, 10:50 pm

A woman, 36, hung her $1,000 Canada Goose jacket beneath the bar and walked away. It was stolen. She also lost several credit cards and her driver's license.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 2/26, 8:32 pm

Two shoplifters were observed stealing two pairs of Gucci shoes valued at $1,260. They were arrested.

381 Broadway, Skyting Yoga, 2/25, 3 pm

A woman's wallet was stolen from her bag that she had put in a cubby while she did yoga. An unknown perpetrator was later seen on video searching the cubby area. She lost $120, a $200 wallet, and her driver's license. Fraudulent charges of over $5,500 were made on credit and debit cards.

The Beekman Hotel, 123 Nassau, 2/25, bet. 11 pm and 1 am

A visitor from London sat down in the bar/restaurant area and placed her bag on the floor next to her. During the time she was socializing with her colleagues, someone stole the bag. She lost a $1,500 Apple computer, a pair of $250 headphones, her driver's license, house keys, and two credit cards that were fraudulently used a few hours after she discovered the theft.

In front of 120 Broadway, 2/24, 6:11 pm

While a man was delivering food, his $1,900 bike was stolen. It had been attached to a bike rack.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 2/21, 7:45 pm

A shoplifter was stopped by store security as he attempted to leave with two pairs of Gucci sneakers valued at $1,259, a $349 Bacon jacket and $93 worth of underwear. No force was used and the thief was not arrested.

Broad & Pearl, 2/19, 7:30 pm

While walking on Broad, a man on a bike came up behind a woman and grabbed her $1,000 iPhone from her hand. The victim, a 28-year-old Water Street resident, also lost two credit cards.

Tartinery, Brookfield Place, 2/19, 6 pm

A Jersey City man, 39, had been with friends, standing with his bag between his feet, when he noticed that the bag was gone. Among its contents was a $1,000 Dell laptop computer and $329 iPad. The iPad was traced to an address in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Blink Fitness, 111 Nassau, 2/19, 1:52 pm

A Queens man, 29, returned to his locked locker and discovered that his bag was missing. He later found it in the shower stall, but his wallet containing $60, two credit cards and his New York State ID, and his jeans were missing.

381 Canal, 2/19, 12:55 pm

A man, about 18, approached a 17-year-old from Staten Island and said, “You better give me money or I’ll pull a gat on you.” Fearing for his life, the victim took out $100 from a Chase Bank ATM machine at 407 Broadway. Police believe the robber was working in concert with a second man. 

Modell's, 150 Broadway, 2/19, 9 am

When a store employee tried to stop a shoplifter from stealing three Nike sweatshirts worth $135, the man said to him, "I have a knife and I'll stab you" and then left with the merchandise.

Key Food, 55 Fulton, 2/18, 10:40 pm

A woman, seen visiting the store in the past, put 16 cans of tuna, six packs of Ensure and a package of almonds in a black bag. As she left the store without paying, a worker tried to take the items back but the shoplifter kicked and scratched him before fleeing.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 2/18, 1:40 pm

A 64-year-old visitor from China put her bag in her shopping cart. When she turned her back to it for a few minutes a thief stole the bag, which contained her passport, $960 in Chinese currency, $200 and a cellphone.

CVS, 129 Fulton, 2/17, 10:06 am

A man entered the store and began taking bottles of Lysol, air freshener, juice, nail filers and potato chips. When an employee approached the shoplifter, the man lifted up his outer garment to reveal a knife in his waistband. The employee then backed up and the thief fled with the items.

Outside 33 Leonard, 2/15, 5:15 pm

A person reported finding broken pieces of an ATM along with drag marks going towards the street. At the time of the reporting, police were unable to determine the owner of the machine or the amount of money that had been inside.

Stairway, #2 train, William & Fulton, 2/15, 3:20 pm

Three muggers approached a 26-year-old John Street resident from behind and punched him on the left side of his face, causing him to drop his cell phone. One of them grabbed the phone and they fled. 

A train, Canal station, West Broadway exit, 2/13, 4:20 pm

While exiting the station, a thief snatched a man's iPhone from his hand.

In front of 83 Gold, 2/12, 11:05 pm

An EMT was treating an intoxicated woman in an ambulance when the patient, 36, punched him multiple times around the neck and face causing bruising, swelling and eye pain. She was arrested and charged with assault.

In front of Taco Bell, 58 Fulton, 2/12, 10 pm

A man, 18, left his $1,870 bike unlocked in front of the restaurant for approximately five minutes. It was stolen.

Chambers St/WTC station, 2/12, 2:30 pm

A man was placing his money back into his wallet near the subway booth when a thief grabbed a $100 bill from his hand and ran up the stairs.

#1 Train at Franklin and Varick, 2/11, 9 pm

A group of men and women were riding the train when two muggers, a man, and a woman, held a knife to the necks of two of the six victims and punched the others, demanding earpods, cellphones and money. One of the victims was taken to the hospital with swelling and partial loss of hearing. They fled with an iPhone. Police arrested two suspects, a woman, 18, and man, 20, and recovered two knives.

Lispenard & West Broadway, 2/11, 9:55 pm

Four female teens surrounded a boy and stole $13 from his front jacket pocket, and saying "What are you gonna do about it?" While canvassing the area, the perpetrators were spotted and arrested.                

Inside 11 Park Pl, 2/11, 2:45 pm

A thief stole a wallet from a woman's bag when she was away from her cubicle. A charge for $12 was made to her credit card at Wendy's on Nassau Street.

New York Sports Club, 217 Broadway, 2/10, 5:25 pm

A woman, 22, placed her belongings in her locker and left it unlocked while she worked out. Someone stole her credit cards and charged $2,170 at the Apple store in the Oculus.

Quick Cryo, 271 Church, 2/7, 6:15 pm

A man asked to use the bathroom. On his way out he entered the office and took a wallet from inside a woman's coat that was hanging from the back of the door. She lost $100 as well as her credit cards. The thief used one of them for $9 at McDonald's and a failed attempt elsewhere for $300.

Stout Bar, 90 John, 2/6, 7 pm

A Gold Street resident put her $1,600 Gucci purse on a stool next to her. It was stolen. She also lost her $250 Saint Laurent wallet, a $250 Tiffany & Co. wallet and a credit card. Charges to the card were made at Popeyes on Fulton Street.

Sweaty Betty, 271 Church, 2/9, 6:47 pm

When police responded to an electronic alarm they found an open door, and a cash register pried open. Nothing was taken, according to the store manager.

CVS, 129 Fulton, 2/9, 1:19 am

A man who was stealing two cases of beer was confronted by a store employee. The thief then displayed a knife and said, "Get out of my way," before fleeing.

J Train Platform, Broad Street Station, 2/8, midnight

A 46-year-old homeless woman who was lying on the platform lunged at a police officer with a knife when he approached her. She was arrested.

New York Fashion Week, 50 Varick, 2/7, 1:10 pm

While taking a break, a man put his camera down on top of a refrigerator in the hallway. When he came back, the $3,500 camera with $1,000 lens was gone. An unidentified male was seen by a surveillance camera taking the camera and leaving.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 2/6, 9:16 pm

A 38-year-old man from the Bronx was apprehended by store security while trying to leave with two pairs of Gucci shoes, together valued at $1,060.

#4 Train, Fulton Street Station, 2/6, 7:30 pm

A man, 22, was sitting on the train when a thief snatched his $1,200 iPhone from his hand. 

A Train and platform, Fulton and Nassau, 2/5, 4 pm

A 27-year-old man was sleeping on the southbound A Train when a man punched him as the train came to a stop. The victim approached his attacker on the platform and was struck several times by six men. He fell to the ground and one of the men took his backpack, which contained, among other items, a $2,200 payroll check. The victim chased the attackers, who fled into the mezzanine of the station. He was taken to Maimonides Hospital where he was treated and released, having suffered from a concussion, and bruising and swelling to his face. 

Blue Mercury, 275 Greenwich, 2/5, 3:05 pm

A man took two bottles of La Mer soft cream worth $1,020 off the shelf, walked to the register, and said "I'm sorry," to an employee. He then ran out of the store.

#2 Train, near Park Place Station, 2/5, 11:50 am

A rider was sitting on a northbound train when a man approached him and said, "I'm going to kill you if you don't give me your money." The victim, a 30-year-old visitor from Ecuador, gave the man $43, and got off at the next stop where he reported the robbery to the police.

NY Vision Group, 37 Murray, 2/5, 10:54 am

A man came into the office and asked to use the restroom. He entered a break room marked “Employees Only” and removed more than $2,100 worth of personal items. Among the stolen possessions were earrings valued at $1,000, a Coach clutch, Louis Vuitton Wallet, and $150 worth of euro currency.

Subway station, Nassau and Fulton, 2/5, 4:50 am

A man tried to take the shopping bag from a 41-year-old woman, repeatedly punching her in the face, before leaving without the bag. The victim, whose face was reddened by the attack, was treated at Lower Manhattan Hospital.   

Burberry, 200 Vesey, Brookfield Pl., 2/4, 7:24 pm

A man entered the store and took a Burberry handbag valued at $1,750.

Outside 70 South Street, 2/4, 10:40 am

A thief snatched the shoulder bag from a 54-year-old man from Texas as he was walking down the street. The thief then ran northbound on South Street. 

A Train, Chambers Street Station, 2/3, 4 am

A woman, 22, was sitting  on a bench waiting for the train when she was punched on the right side of the face by a female teen who then grabbed her bag and threw it to a male accomplice who ran off with it. The victim pursued the thieves and when she caught up to them, the second teen threw the bag to a third male accomplice who was restrained by MTA personnel. A canvas was conducted and the police found the other two alleged muggers. All three teens, ages 19, 17 and 15, were arrested and charged with robbery.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 2/3, 10:20 pm

A store employee stopped a shoplifter who was attempting to steal a vacuum cleaner and a blender. The shoplifter then took a needle out of his pocket and pointed it at him, saying, "I don't want to do this to you." The employee backed away and the thief fled with the stolen items, which had a total value of $500.

Opposite 55 Fulton, 2/2, 8:25 pm

A mugger followed a Water Street resident, 24, and then stopped him and said, "If you walk away I'll shoot you." He then demanded his AirPods, which the victim gave to him.

Blink Fitness, 111 Nassau, 2/2, 2:45 pm

A thief stole a man's wallet from a locked locker. The victim, a 49-year-old Queens man, lost $140, his driver's license and a debit card. The thief attempted to make a $250 charge on the card, but it was denied.

Neapolitan Express, 40 Wall, 2/1, 5:30 pm

A woman forgot her backpack on the pizzeria counter, sitting down with her back to it. Five minutes later, a man walked in, grabbed it and fled.

Sarabeth's, 339 Greenwich, 2/1, 1 pm

A 37-year-old Jersey City resident hung her bag on the back of her bar stool. When she got up to leave, an hour later, she discovered that her bag was open and that her wallet had been stolen. She then received a text message from her bank that her card had been charged for $5,443 at Jeffrey's on 14th Street. Along with numerous credit cards, the victim also lost $100 and her driver's license.

Lacoste, Westfield WTC, 185 Greenwich,  2/1, 11:05 am

A man was observed on surveillance video stealing $1,350 worth of merchandise.

Planet Fitness, 25 Broadway, 5:45 pm

Two men put their belongings in lockers before working out. When they returned the locks on both lockers were removed and multiple credit cards as well as a driver’s license were taken. A $2,600 charge was made on a card of one of the victims, a 26-year-old New Jersey man. 

China Chalet, 47 Broadway, 11:30 pm.

A 33-year-old man left his jacket on his chair and went to the restroom. When he returned the jacket was gone, along with the five credit cards, Social Security card and driver’s license that were in the jacket pocket.  

#2 train, Chambers St., 1/31, 2:35 am

A thief grabbed a phone from the hands of a 48-year-old Manhattan man who was on the southbound train. When the victim attempted to stop him, the thief punched him in the face. Following a struggle, the assailant ran onto the tracks and onto the northbound platform. The victim took the uptown train to Houston Street where it was held in the station and where police found the thief, arrested him, and recovered the phone.

Duane Reade, 67 Broad, 1/30, 1:48 pm

A man stole nearly $2,000 worth of Maybeline, Revlon and Covergirl cosmetics. 

Planet Fitness, 370 Canal, 1/30, 4 pm

When a man, 27, returned to his locker after working out, he discovered that his lock was gone and that his jacket, bookbag, pants, and a wallet containing two credit cards and an ID had been taken.

Century 21, 22, Cortlandt, 1/30, 1:40 pm

Four shoplifters working in concert attempted to steal $3,241 worth of merchandise. Three women and one man were arrested.

William & Ann, 1/29, 8:10 pm

An Ann Street resident, 46, was standing on the corner when a thief rode by on a bicycle and snatched his $1,000 iPhone. The victim chased him, but eventually lost sight of the perpetrator.

Newsstand, in front of 52 Broadway, 1/29, 6 am

A man took a bottle of juice from the stand without paying for it. When the employee told him to put it back, the thief punched him in the face.

41 River Terrace, 1/28, 11:28 am

A burglar entered an apartment while the resident was at home. He was apprehended soon afterwards on the top floor of the penthouse suite. A burglary tool “capable of bypassing a locking mechanism” was recovered from his jacket pocket. The 27-year old Bronx man was also in possession of a stolen credit card and an alleged crack pipe with crack residue.

In front of Citi Building, 388 Greenwich, 1/27, 6:20 pm

A man who was delivering food locked his $1,550 bike at a bike rack. When he returned, 10 minutes later, the bike and lock were gone.

Planet Fitness, 370 Canal, 1/27, 3:14 am

A man walked into the gym and removed a wallet from behind the counter. The wallet was in a lost and found unlocked plastic container. Later that morning, charges of $235 were made on the card.

Stout NYC, 90 John, 1/26, 3:45 pm

A 31-year-old Hoboken woman hung her bag on the back of her chair. While she ate, a man and woman sat down at the table behind her. One of them reached into her bag and stole her credit cards. When she discovered the theft, she canceled the cards, but not before they had made three charges on them totalling $2,068.

Brookfield Mall, 1/26, bet. 1:50 and 2:40 pm

A woman who was taking her son ice skating at Brookfield Place, put her bag in the undercarriage of her stroller, and her husband took the stroller while he went shopping. He visited Lacoste, one of the mall's kiosks and also sat in the Winter Garden plaza. When they reunited, she discovered that her $7,000 Chanel bag, containing a $500 Chanel wallet, $500 in cash and several credit cards were missing. Use of the cards at the Apple store was unsuccessful.

Corner West & Liberty, 1/24, 10:03 pm

A Battery Park City woman, 28, was walking home and talking on her $1,200 iPhone when a man came up behind her and snatched it.

In front of 101 Greenwich, 1/24, 7:40 pm

A 12-year-old boy was hanging out with his friends when a group of older teens approached them and demanded the boy’s phone. The thief then grabbed the $750 phone and after a brief struggle, he ran away with it.

Inside 21 West, 1/22, 8:17 pm

A man and woman entered the elevator with a resident, 27, who was going up to her apartment. They followed her when she got off the elevator and asked her the time. They then grabbed her bag, which contained her keys and miscellaneous items, and $1,000 iPhone before fleeing.

#1 train, South Ferry, 1/22, 10:45 am

A woman, 72, entered the subway. As she was looking at her iPhone, a man grabbed it and ran out of the station. The woman gave chase but lost him on the street.

In front of 46 White, 1/21, 1:55 am

A thief jimmied the door of a 2001 Honda to open it and then stole it. Inside the car was a $600 stereo, a $500 wood clothing rack and a $700 pair of Persol glasses.

Stripe, 11 Park Pl., 1/20, 6:19 pm

A man was observed on a video camera entering the building by prying open a side door with a crowbar and then stealing a shirt off an office chair. He was arrested and charged with burglary.

The Gap, 172 Broadway, 1/20, 2:39 pm

While one shoplifter stood guard, another stuffed 18 shirts and 16 pairs of pants into a black trash bag. The total value of the stolen items was $1,486.

#2 train, Chambers Street, 1/20, 10:05 am

As the train was pulling into the station a Brooklyn man, 51, got up to look at the subway map and left his camera bag unattended on the seat. A thief snatched it and ran out the door just before it closed. The bag contained a $3,200 Canon camera.

E train bet. Chambers & Canal, 1/19 10 pm

A Weehawken resident, 38, got on the train at Chambers Street. Soon afterwards, she was approached by a man and woman who demanded her phone and her password and punched and kicked her. They then stole her phone and wallet from her bag and fled at the Canal Street stop. The victim, who lost her $800 phone and numerous credit cards, got off the train at the next stop and informed the police. She suffered bruises to her legs and wrist as well as a cut lip.

In front of 100 Broadway, 1/19, 8:05 pm

A 28-year-old homeless man was arrested for slapping an EMT who was trying to give him medical aid.

The Lovelace bar, 66 Pearl, 1/19, 7:56 pm

A Wall Street resident, 44, hung her $2,000 Fendi purse on a hook beneath the bar and sat down. As she drank and socialized, someone stole the bag. Surveillance video showed a man removing the purse and hiding it under his jacket. Along with the purse, she lost her $1,000 Prada wallet, driver's license and bank cards.

Outside 120 Church, 1/19, 8:17 pm

Three men approached a delivery man, 20, and after demanding his bike, punched him on the shoulders and hands. One of the assailants then fled with the bike, which was valued at $750, while the other two rode away in a car.

CVS, 129 Fulton, 1/18, 6:10 pm

A man stole $355 worth of soaps and men's personal products. When a guard tried to stop him from leaving the store, the thief said, "I have a knife," and then fled.

Apple Store, Oculus, 1/18, 2:25 pm

Two women, 25 and 21, were arrested for stealing 10 iPhones, worth $11,312, from display tables.

New York Film Academy, 17 Battery Pl., 1/17, 11 am

A thief climbed scaffolding, entered a room through an unlocked window and stole a computer, printer, leather boots, and tote bag with total value of about $2,600. The suspect later committed a robbery in Staten Island, where he left the stolen items behind.

In front of 15 Cliff, 1/18, 10 am

A man, 23, was arrested for stealing a 2018 Honda that the owner had briefly left unattended with the engine running, but without the keys, as he made a food delivery.

Alley Cat Amateur Theatre, 10 Theatre Alley, 1/18, a little after midnight

A John Street woman, 35, left her $1,350 iPhone on the bar while she went to pay her bill. It was stolen.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 1/17, 10:30 pm

An employee who tried to stop two shoplifters from leaving the store was grabbed and pushed to the ground. One of the thieves also displayed an injection needle and swung it towards him. Previous thefts at the store were reported on Jan. 10. 

Planet Fitness, 25 Broadway, 1/17, bet. 3:50 pm and 5:30 pm

Four people, three men and a woman, reported that their lockers were broken into by someone who cut their locks. Among the stolen items were $230 in cash, a 15-inch Mac Pro, bank cards and drivers license.

#2 Train, Chambers Street Station, 1/16, 12:05 am

A 30-year-old man was seated on the train, holding his iPhone 11 Max while listening to music through headphones when a male snatched the phone and headphones and fled from the train. The victim gave chase but the thief got away down the street.

Sugaring NYC, 75 Maiden Lane, 1/15, 9:36 pm

Someone entered the hair removal salon about a half hour after it had closed and took $900 from the cash register. The suspect, who was recorded on a surveillance camera, covered his face with a scarf.

55 Hudson, 1/15, 6:27 pm

A 14-year-old boy was attempting to sell a hoodie and a jacket for $600 through Facebook Marketplace. When the buyer came to the building, the teen asked him to count the money that he was handing him. The buyer then grabbed the items and fled to a waiting car. When the teen approached the car in an attempt to get his property back, the thief punched him in the head and fled in the car.

Anejo Tribeca, 301 Church, 1/14, 7:30 pm

A Broad Street resident took off her $37,000 vintage diamond, platinum and white gold ring to wash her hands in the bathroom, and then forgot it on the counter. When she returned approximately 10 minutes later, it was gone.

Platform, Park Place Subway Station, 1/14, 3:07 pm

An unknown man used a metal chain to strike an off-duty police officer on the side of her face. The victim and the assailant then got on the train, exchanging words, and the perpetrator fled when the train stopped at Chambers Street.

Chick-fil-A, 144 Fulton, 1/11, 7:30 pm

A 44-year-old Bronx man left his $1,730 bicycle in front of the store while he went in to pick up food for a delivery, locking the front wheel. When he returned, the bike was gone. He also lost his bike tools, rain jacket, bike tube, backpack and $50.

Duane Reade, 95 Wall, 1/10, 8:21 pm

A shoplifter stole 24 bottles of men's and women's fragrances valued at $1,675.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 1/10, 7:55 pm

Two shoplifters put items in a plastic bag, placed them in a store basket and left the store with them. They then returned a minute later to steal more property. All together, they stole $1,113 worth of cold medicine.

Sheraton, 370 Canal, 1/10, 7:30 am

A man followed a maid into a room, acting like the room was his. The victims, visitors from Australia, lost a $2,500 laptop, $500 Sony headphones and a $150 leather bag. 

CVS, 129 Fulton, 1/9, 11:47 am

Two shoplifters stole 120 L'Oréal and Olay facial creams valued at $3,138. One of the thieves stuffed items into a plastic bag; another put the stolen merchandise inside his coat.

Seaport Deli, 64 Fulton, 1/9, 6 am

A man, 36, was working in the deli when he received a text from his bank stating that someone had attempted to make a purchase using his debit card. The worker, a Queens resident, went into the employee locker room and discovered that his wallet had been stolen from his pants. The wallet also contained $350 and his New York State ID.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 1/8, 10 am

A shoplifter who had a trespass notice from the store, attempted to steal $419 worth of fragrances, a pair of boots, a backpack and other items. While the man, 36, was in the store's security office, he kicked and destroyed a $250 computer monitor. The suspect, a 36-year-old Brooklyn man, was arrested.

Hilton Hotel, 6 Water, 1/7, 11:30 am

A 26-year-old man who does not work for the hotel was witnessed entering and exiting a guest's room. The victim, 41, a visitor from the island of Réunion, was taking a walk at the time. A $1,900 computer was stolen from the room.

Bike path, Hudson River Park, West & N. Moore, 1/5, 7:55 pm

A 56-year-old Christopher Street man was riding south on the bike path to the movie theater in Battery Park City when an assailant pushed him off his bike, injuring the victim's face, elbow and knee. "Give me your fucking bike, I want your fucking bike," the assailant yelled, as he tried to take the bike. The assailant, a 28-year-old homeless man, fled north with the $750 Trex bike before being stopped by Park Enforcement Patrol officers and arrested by NYPD cops.

41 River Terrace, 1/5, bet. 3 & 9:30 pm

A thief stole a resident's Canyon Road Bike valued at $5,550 including its accessories. The victim, 47, had left it in the hallway.

Lacoste, 185 Greenwich, 1/5, 12:30 pm

A homeless man, 43, was arrested for stealing $1,305 worth of items from a display table.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt,  1/4, 3:28 pm

Two men exited the dressing room with fewer items than when they entered. Employees requested a security guard to stop them from leaving the store. When he did, the thieves pushed the employee to the ground and punched him in the face before fleeing with $230 worth of stolen shirts.

10 Liberty, 1/3, 6:06 pm

A 61-year-old man was the victim of a scam in which a phone caller identified himself as an Apple representative who said that his account was on hold. In order to fix it, he was told to buy gift cards for the total amount of $4,200 and send them to him. Only after complying with the stranger's request did he realize that he had been taken.

Fraunces Tavern, 54 Pearl, 1/1, 7:31 pm

An Upper East side resident, 23, was eating with her friend when she reached down for her bag that she had put on the floor next to her. She discovered that her $400 Louis Vuitton wallet was gone. Her friend remembered seeing someone reach down beside her. She lost her $1,000 phone, $150 airpods, ID, credit card and $127 MetroCard.

Queens-bound E train, 1/1, 2 am

A visitor from Philadelphia boarded the train at 23rd Street, put his backpack on the floor between his legs and fell asleep. When he awoke at the Chambers Street stop, it was gone. The victim, 42, lost his cell phone charger, medical papers, insurance card and assorted clothing.

Inside 70 Pine, 12/21, 4:15 am


After a night out, a 61-year-old man brought a woman back to his apartment. When he awoke in the morning, the woman had left with the victim’s $5,000 men’s diamond ring and credit card. The woman attempted to make charges on the card but they were declined.

Newsstand, in front of 76 Broad, 12/20, 5 pm

A newsstand owner left his stand to try to stop a man from stealing chips. When he did, three accomplices approached him and one went into the stand and stole $500 from the register. They all then fled north on Broad.

Battery Park, Bridge and State, 12/20, 1:45 pm

A 47-year-old Broad Street resident left her $900 Louis Vuitton bag unattended on a park bench. It was stolen. She lost $150, her house keys, driver's license and two credit cards.

Sheraton Tribeca Hotel, 370 Canal, 12/19, bet. midnight and 7 am

A 43-year-old Kansas resident met a man at Nancy Whiskey Pub on Lispenard Street and invited him back to his hotel to stay. When he awoke the next morning, he discovered that his wallet, containing $750, debit and credit cards and other items, and his $300 Apple watch were gone. The watch was traced to a house in Clinton Hill.

Inside 465 Washington, 12/19, bet. 5:30 pm and 12/20, 6:30 am

Thieves stole $18,380 worth of drills from a construction site, cutting locks from the doors of storage rooms.

21 Jewelry, 21 Cortlandt, 2/19, 4 pm

A man came into the store and asked to look at a men's $5,000 diamond ring. The salesperson put it on the counter and the man then put it in his pocket and left the store. 

Starbucks, 405 Broadway, 12/18, 5 pm

A woman left her bag on a table while she went to get condiments. When she returned she discovered that her wallet, which contained $100 and a debit card, as well as two iPhone chargers had been taken from her bag.

Citibank, 120 West Broadway, 12/17, 12:28 pm

A robber passed a note to a teller and said to her, "I'm here to make a withdrawal." The teller said to him that he needed to enter his bank card. The man replied, "I don't have fucking ID," and grabbed his note and left the bank. 

Downtown Boathouse, Pier 26, bet. 12/16, 8:30 pm & 12/17, 11:30 am

A thief pried open a door and stole a $1,300 e-bike, six two-way marine radios worth $900, a $200 projector and a $400 telescope.

Bubby's, 120 Hudson, 12/15, 9:30 pm

A 32-year-old Long Beach man left his $1,300 Apple MacBook along with two credit cards unattended at the bar while he went downstairs to take his picture in a photobooth. They were stolen.

Opposite 10 Desbrosses, 12/12, bet. noon and 9 pm

When a Yonkers man returned to his parked car, he discovered that the driver' side front window had been broken and that his $1,000 laptop and $200 iPod were gone. 

Liberty and Broadway, 12/11, 4:30 pm

A 14-year-old boy was walking on the street when a man approached him, displayed a knife and demanded to use his phone. The man then walked away with it.

AOA Bar & Grill, 35 6th, 12/14, 6:45 pm

A woman, 34, entered the bar, placed her bag on the floor and began socializing with friends. Soon afterwards, she was informed that $11,494 had been charged on her AMEX and other credit cards.

Duane Reade, 40 Wall, 12/11, 12:01 pm

Two men stole $1,900 worth of creams and other beauty products.

Starbucks, 55 Broad, 12/11, 10 am

A man, 45, was eating when a thief stole his leather bag containing a $1,300 iPad, $200 AirPods, assorted travel documents and ID.

#1 Train Platform, Chambers Street, 12/11, 1:34 am

While waiting for the train, a Staten Island resident, 45, was approached by three men who demanded his wallet and then punched him in the  mouth. They then fled with his wallet which contained $30, a debit card and his NYS ID.

Duane Reade, 100 Broadway, 12/9, 7:04 pm

A shoplifter stole 158 L'Oreal cosmetic products worth $2,073.

In front of 303 Greenwich, 12/8, 6:10 pm

A Grubhub delivery man, 26, went into a yogurt shop to pick up a food delivery. When he returned minutes later, his $1,300 M&C e-bike, which had not been locked, was gone.

Inside the Oculus, 12/7, 6:20 pm

A woman offered to take a picture of a family who was visiting from California. They gave her their phone, but instead she put it in her pocket and began to walk away. When confronted by the victim, the woman tried to punch the family's 3-year-old child but hit the mother instead. The assailant, 37, was arrested.

Blue Bottle Coffee, Walker Hotel, 77 Walker, 12/4, bet. 5:15 and 6:24 pm

A Brooklyn woman, 28, sat down with her friend in a coffee shop and placed her bag on the floor next to her, leaving it unattended for a period of time. Three nearby women were crowding them and making them feel "uncomfortable" so she and her friend changed their seats. When she reached for her bag, she noticed that it was unzipped. Upon returning to work she discovered that her two debit cards were gone and shortly afterwards she was notified that two charges totaling $2,109 had been made on them.

Brooklyn Bridge/Chambers St. Station, 11/30 & 10/22 (Updated 12/2)

Police are looking for a suspect who they say twice robbed women during late evenings at the Brooklyn Bridge/Chambers Street subway station.

A 23-year-old woman was exiting the station at 10:10 p.m. on Nov. 30 when police say a man grabbed her purse as she exited the station. Surveillance video shows the man trapping his victim in the turnstile and struggling with her. The mugger managed to grab the woman’s debit card before fleeing southbound on Centre Street, police said.

The same suspect, police said, approached a 21-year-old woman with a knife as she was entering the station at 10:10 p.m. on Oct. 22. The victim gave the man $25 before he fled towards the northbound J train. No injuries were reported in either incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-8477.

O'Hara's Bar, 120 Greenwich, 11/30, 3:45 pm

Two thieves stole a man's $150 North Face coat that he had placed on a chair while he ate and read a book. The victim, 48, a resident of New Hampshire, also lost the wallet in his coat. It contained credit and debit cards and his Social Security card, as well as his car remote start and a portable phone charger.

Smythson, 185, Greenwich, 11/29, 4:49 pm

A thief picked up a $1,195 Ciappa business bag off the shelf and walked out of the store.

Duane Reade, 95 Wall, 11/28, 9:17 pm

A man and a woman stole 86 bottles of Laroche, 17 bottles of Vichy and 6 bottles of No7 skincare products worth $3,497. 

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 11/28, 5:52 pm

A man, 26, and a woman, 24, were arrested after being observed on a security camera switching price tags of items, which the woman then attempted to buy. The difference between the 22 pieces of clothing was $4,484.

15 Maiden Lane, 11/27, 11:30 pm

A worker was inside his office when he heard someone jiggling the suite's door knob. The man opened the door, recording the burglar with his phone. The man, 54, who fled down the stairs, was arrested. The man was also charged in an incident at 373 Broadway, on Nov, 25 at 10:30 p.m. for using a metal object to pry open the outside door of the commercial building and then going to the third floor and pulling on office door knobs.

Alley Cat at Beekman Hotel, 123 Nassau, 11/24, 2 am

A 38-year-old British woman was dancing with her bag on the floor between her legs. Within the span of two minutes, it was stolen. She lost her driver's license, credit and debit cards and her $500 phone. Someone attempted to make a charge for $10,400 on her credit card.

Duane Reade, 95 Wall, 11/20, 9:55 pm

After concealing 241 cosmetic items in bags, a shoplifter walked out of the store. The total value of the products was $4,691.

Inside 200 Broadway, 11/20, 1:45 pm

After seeing a teen steal a pack of gum from his newsstand, a worker followed him and said, "Give me the candy back." The teen then punched the victim multiple times in the face. A 16-year-old boy was arrested.

In front of 10 Hanover Square, 11/19, 7:55 pm

A delivery man, 39, left his bike locked while he delivered food. When he returned five minutes later, it was gone. The total value of the bike, chain and lock was $1,720.

Battery Park at State and Water, 11/19, 12:30 pm

While seated on a bench with his phone in his hand, a 45-year-old Manhattan man got into an altercation with a stranger who then punched him on the side of his face. After the victim said, "I'm going to call the police," the assailant grabbed the $1,200 iPhone and fled.

Duane Reade, 305 Broadway, 11/19, 11:23 am

A shoplifter placed $1,219 worth of miscellaneous items in a basket and left the store.

Inside 155 Water, Chase vestibule, 11/19, 5:30 am

After being followed from the Wall Street train station into the vestibule, a 30-year-old Brooklyn resident was the victim of a phone snatching by a woman who then demanded money for its return. The victim did not give her money and left the thief with the phone.

Salvatore Ferragamo, 200 Vesey, 11/17, 5 pm

A thief stole a $1,890 handbag from a display table and left the store.

Inside 287 Broadway, between 11/15, 6 pm and 11/18, 6 am

A thief forced open doors on a construction site and stole $7,600 worth of tools, batteries and other equipment.

96 Greenwich, 11/15, 2:21 am

A 24-year-old Bronx man, with an active bench warrant, was arrested after he broke into the building and entered an apartment, where a 72-year-old man had been sleeping.

11 Vestry, 11/14, 11:11 pm

A man kicked open a door to gain entrance to a recording studio, where he stayed for four hours. The 23-year-old intruder was arrested.

Inside 78 Laight, 11/14, 9:02 pm

After delivering food, a man was caught on video opening packages in the lobby and removing two Moncler Pink jackets valued at $1,686. 

Planet Fitness, 26 Broadway, 11/14, 4:45 pm

A man discovered that the lock was missing from his locker and that his wallet had been stolen from his bag. He lost $100, his drivers license and credit and debit cards.  

Canal & Watts, 11/11, 5:10 pm

A 16-year-old boy was walking home from the train when he was surrounded by a group of eight teens on bicycles. One of them said, "Give me all your money." As he was looking in his bag for money, another teen slapped him on the neck. Then a third one said, "Let him go," and the group dispersed when the victim ran away.

Chambers & West, 11/10, 6:03 pm

A man had just undocked a Citi Bike when someone came up from behind him and struck him on the back of the head. The victim fell on the ground and the thief fled with the bike.

In front of 22 Battery Place, 11/9, 2:50 pm

A 46-year-old visitor from San Antonio, Texas, was sitting with his family in Battery Park when a woman approached them and asked if they "had tickets." When he said no, she became enraged. She spit several times and then attacked the man, put her hand around his neck and applied pressure. A 32-year-old woman was arrested. The victim suffered bruises and scratches.

Estancia, 460 Greenwich, 11/8, 5:45 pm

A woman was picking up food from the restaurant. Two pickpockets lifted her wallet from her purse as she was leaving. Soon afterwards, she received fraud alerts on her phone for three purchases at Barneys and Chanel for nearly $10,000. She also lost her driver's license and EZ Pass MetroCard.

In front of 180 Maiden Lane, 11/7, 3:53 pm

A man double parked his car, a $55,000 2018 Infiniti, leaving the keys inside. When he returned 20 minutes later, the car was gone. Minutes later, the thief crashed the car at Gold and Frankfort streets. He then fled.

233 Broadway, 11/6, bet. midnight and 1:45 am

A burglar was seen on security cameras entering the back door of an office and going through multiple file cabinets and desks.

The Wagner Hotel, 2 Little West, 11/5, 7:30 am

Three women who were attending a meeting left their handbags unattended in a staff office. When they returned three hours later, they discovered that their credit cards had been stolen along with $50. Unauthorized charges were made on the cards.

Reade Street Pub, 135 Reade, 11/4, 6:30 pm

An employee reported that a patron went to her station and took her wallet containing her $900 iPhone, Visa card, ID and MetroCard.

Dog Park, 375 South End, 11/3, 8:30 pm

A woman took her dog to the dog park. While there, she left her bag, which contained her $1,249 iPhone, unattended. When she returned to her apartment 30 minutes later, she discovered that the phone was gone.

In front of 26 Vesey, 11/3, 5 pm

A man left his $3,000 electric bike locked to a pole. Video footage showed that 10 minutes later it was stolen by two thieves.

Exchange Place & Hanover, 11/3, 2 am

A 25-year-old FiDi resident got out of a cab after returning from a bar. The  next thing the man knew he was in the hospital with a fractured skull and concussion. While he was unconscious, his $600 Hugo Boss watch, two iPhones worth a total of $1,050, and his $50 wallet were stolen.

 In front of 7 Beaver, 11/2, 4:45 pm

A thief on a bicycle snatched a $1,300 iPhone from a man's hand.

Bubby's, 120 Hudson, 11/2, 2 pm

A woman hung her bag on the back of her chair under her jacket. Sometime during her meal, she discovered that her jacket was no longer on the chair and that her bag was open and her wallet, containing with her driver's license, debit and credit cards, and her $600 iPhone, were missing.

Parking garage, 8 Spruce, 11/2, 2:11 am

A thief stole a 2017 Lexus from the garage and then became involved in a vehicle accident. When the police arrived, the man said, "I stole the car." He was arrested.

Broad Street train station, 11/2, 11:50 pm

A 30-year-old Battery Place resident was exiting the station with her friend when a stranger hit the back of her head with a glass bottle and then fled. The woman was taken to the hospital.

Verizon store, 104 Fulton, 11/1, 4:25 pm

A man placed his $1,600 cellphone on a table and walked away. Someone stole it.

Tutto Il Giorno, 114 Franklin, 10/31, 6:30 pm

A Queens woman, 62, hung her bag on a hook beneath the bar and then left it unattended while she took a picture. Later, Capital One texted her that her credit card was being used for a charge of over $6,000 at Bloomingdale's. Only when she went to pay her bill did she realize that her wallet had been stolen. The woman lost $350, numerous credit cards, keys and miscellaneous items. 

Gap, 172 Broadway, 10/31, 4:30 pm

A man stole 18 pairs of jeans valued at $1,439. He then fled and ran into the #4/5 station. After jumping the turnstile, he dropped the sweater he had used to conceal the jeans. He then fled on the subway tracks and escaped through an emergency catwalk exit.

Chambers Street Station, 10/31, 9:15 am

While walking up the crowded subway stairs at Chambers and West Broadway, a 27-year-old man was bumped numerous times. When he got to the top of the stairs, he reached for his wallet, which had been in his front pants pocket, and discovered that it was gone. He lost $50, his driver's license, credit and debit cards and his monthly MetroCard.

Duane Reade, 100 Broadway, 10/31, 1:14 am

A shoplifter took $1,106.50 worth of cosmetics.

In front of 90 West and Rector Street Bridge, 10/29, 7:30 am

A resident of 90 West Street was entering his building when an assailant hit him on the back of the neck with scissors, causing a small scratch. Soon afterwards, a man walking to work on the Rector Street Bridge was assaulted by someone who swung a pair of scissors towards his face, striking him. The 44-year-old victim, from Hackensack, NJ, followed the attacker and flagged down a police car at West and Liberty streets. A 27-year-old man was arrested and charged in both attacks.

90 John, 4th fl., 10/26, a little after midnight

A man entered the building through the emergency exit and tried unsuccessfully to gain entrance to three suites, causing damage to the doors.

In front of 88 Leonard, 10/25, 9:30 pm

A deliveryman locked his $1,750 Arrow 10 electric bike while he made an Uber Eats delivery. When he returned, it was gone. The nearby doorman told him that the bike thieves had gone towards Hudson Street. The victim ran to Hudson and saw two men huddled over a bike. When they saw him, one of the men ran off with the bike. The victim caught the other man, 27, and held him until police arrived and arrested him.

In front of 200 Church, 10/23, bet. 7:40 and 7:45 pm

Police arrested a man who stole a $1,400 ebike.

7-Eleven, 140 Church, 10/23, 4:40 pm

After a verbal dispute with an employee, a man was asked to leave the store. He did and then returned with a cup of hot coffee that he threw at the worker, burning him on the face and chest. He then kicked him. The victim was taken to the hospital.

Toro Loco, 15 Stone, 10/23, 3:23 pm

A thief entered the bar and restaurant from an unlocked back door and removed two employees’ bags with credit cards, IDs and other items with a total value of $1,475. 

Planet Fitness, 25 Broadway, 10/21, bet. 1:45 and 1:55 pm

While one man was in the shower and the other in the gym, a thief removed their locks from their lockers and stole their things. One man lost his $1,150 iPhone, a $300 Apple watch and $180. The other victim lost his $500 wedding ring and $60.

Varick & Canal, 10/18, 3:40 pm

A man on a bicycle snatched a woman's phone from her hand as she was talking. 

Eataly, 101 Liberty, 10/18, bet. 1:19 and 1:50 pm

A 49-year-old woman who was sitting at the bar had her $1,800 Louis Vuitton bag stolen. Surveillance video showed two men acting in concert as one of them removed his jacket, bent down and put it over the bag, and then left the restaurant with it. The bag contained a $1,000 Louis Vuitton wallet and a $500 iPhone.

The Gap, 172 Broadway, 10/18, 11:31 am

A shoplifter stole five pairs of pants, three shirts and nine jackets worth $1,682. 

Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen, 20 John, 10/18, 2:30 pm

A visitor from California hung her $400 handbag on the back of her chair. While she ate, someone stole it. The woman lost a $150 wallet, $400 prescription glasses, her drivers license and other miscellaneous items. 

Odeon, 146 West Broadway, 10/17, 1:30 pm

A 26-year-old woman eating at the restaurant had her bag pilfered by a woman sitting with two people at the next table. The thief placed her coat over the bag, which was hanging from the back of the woman's chair. She then removed the victim's wallet and took out several credit cards before putting the wallet back in the bag. A charge of $2,210 was made on one of the cards.

In front of 11 Jay, 10/16, bet. 9 am and 8 pm

A thief stole a Greenwich Street resident's $7,000 Yamaha motorcycle.

32 Broadway, Bento Sushi, 10/15, 12:30 pm

A Long Island woman placed her purse on the floor near her feet. A thief used a cane to pull it towards him and then fled. The victim lost $750, her house keys, credit cards, her Medicare card and her $308 LIRR monthly ticket. 

In front of 50 Broadway, 10/14, bet. 10:30 am and 9:30 pm

A thief stole a $2,000 bike along with its lock and chain.

Burger King, 325 Broadway, 10/14, 1:48 am

When a worker arrived in the morning, he found that all the power had been turned off in the fuse box. He then discovered that the office was open and that $4,109 had been stolen from the safe.

21 Barclay, 10/10, 3:30 am

A man entered an unlocked door on the street level, went into a utility closet, and stole six two-way radios worth $3,000.

P.J. Clarke's, 250 Vesey, 10/9, 4:30 pm

A worker left her purse on a coat rack while she went to work at the restaurant. While working, she received a text from American Express informing her that $1,000 in charges had been made on her card in Bloomingdale's. The thief also stole two other credit cards. 

Fairfield Marriott Hotel, 10/9, 100 Greenwich, 4:50 am

After leaving his backpack on a lobby couch before making his rounds, a fire inspector returned a little over an hour later and he discovered that it had been stolen. He lost four credit cards, his Social Security card and his work authorization card.

Spa 88, 88 Fulton, 10/8, 4 pm

A 26-year-old Brooklyn woman forgot to put her $6,000 Chanel bag in her locker, When she returned from working out, it was gone. The bag contained a $2,500 gold diamond bracelet and a $3,000 ring.

Thames & Trinity, 10/7, 2:26 pm

A stranger assaulted a man with a cane, injuring his index finger. The assailant, who was arrested, was taken to Bellevue Hospital for observation. The victim was treated at New York Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital.

AKA Tribeca, 85 W. Broadway, 9/23, bet. 11:05 and 11:55 am, reported 10/7 

A man left his luggage in the hotel’s storage area. It was stolen. The bag contained $1,000 worth of euros, $250, an $8,000 Breitling Books Watch, three gold chains valued at $5,000 and other luxury items with a total value of $17,200.

52 Thomas, 10/6, 8:40 am

A woman entered the building lobby and stole two packages containing camping equipment valued at $1,080.

White & Church, 10/5, 6:15 pm

A 28-year-old Battery Park City resident was standing on the corner talking on her phone when a man rode by on a bike and snatched it. By the time she arrived home 15 minutes later, the woman discovered that the thief had taken $2,880 from her account via Venmo transactions.

City Hall Park (near Park Pl. & Bway), 10/4, 9:50 pm

A Beekman Street resident, 19, was sitting on a bench with his friends when a man sat down on the bench next to him, displayed a black handgun and said, “This is what’s going to happen. Give me everything you got. I’m not playing. Only cash.” The victim gave him approximately $50. The gunman fled by skateboard.  

P.J. Clarke's, Brookfield Place, 10/5, 6:20 pm

A 30-year-old woman left her $3,000 Chanel bag behind her chair while she ate. A thief walked away with it. She lost $190, her ID, keys and a credit card.

Duane Reade, 305 Broadway, 10/4, 4:28 pm

A shoplifter removed $1,158 worth of cosmetics from a shelf, put them in a blue laundry bag and left the store.

Floratech, 51 Beach, 10/4, 10 am

A thief removed an employee’s wallet containing a credit card, a MetroCard and miscellaneous items that were inside her backpack under her desk. She discovered the theft when she was closing the store. 

#2 train, Chambers St. Station, 10/4, 7:15 am

After boarding the train, a Battery Park City resident realized she had left her bag on the platform bench. By the time she took a train back to the station, it had been stolen.  She lost $2,800 worth of clothing.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 10/3, 6:10 pm

An employee who was showing a man a $1,149 iPhone stepped away for a minute. When he did, the man opened up the iPhone package and switched it with a power bank before leaving the store.

Zuccotti Park, Liberty & Broadway, 10/1, 2 pm

A 27-year-old Brooklyn resident was sitting in the park and talking on her cellphone. When she got up to leave, she discovered that her back pack, which had been next to her, had been stolen. A charge of $165 was made with her credit card.

Rosa Mexicano, 41 Murray, 9/29, bet 2:30 and 5:30 pm

A worker left her $500 bag in an "employees-only area." Someone stole the purse, which contained $100, a New York State ID, a debit card and her retainers.

Church & Leonard, 9/28 10 p.m.

A woman walking on Church Street was texting when a man on a bicycle grabbed her iPhone X, valued at $1,000 and fled east-bound on Leonard Street. 

In front of 329 Greenwich, 9/26, 8:35 pm

A 27-year-old FiDi resident was talking on the phone as he walked south on Greenwich Street. Someone grabbed the $1,200 iPhone XR from his hand and fled east on Duane.

70 Pine, 9/25, 9:45 pm

A resident noticed that a Lauren B earring, valued at $11,300, was missing from her medicine cabinet the day after she had hired a moving company to transport items from her apartment.

In front of 281 Broadway, 9/23, bet. 9 am and 3 pm

A man went to work leaving his truck unlocked. A thief stole a bag that was on the back seat. It contained $3,000 worth of phones and a computer.

45 Wall, 9/22, time unknown

A  highly intoxicated 23-year-old man left a Lower East Side nightclub and got into a vehicle that took him somewhere. He could remember neither the vehicle nor his destination but the man eventually woke up in his residence with his $1,000 iPhone missing and approximately $1,450 charges on his debit card. 

Whitehall Station, 9/21, 9:16 pm

After she boarded an R train, a woman realized she had left her bag at the station. By the time she returned, it had been stolen. The victim, a visitor from Turkey, lost her passport, $200, a $1,000 iPhone and a debit card.

Duane Reade, 353 Greenwich, 9/20, 6:02 pm

A shoplifter made off with 78 skin care products valued at $2,780.

Albany & West, bet. 9/19, 7 pm and 9/20, 8:50 am

Someone stole a man's $5,500 Yamaha motorcycle.

Blink Fitness, 111 Nassau, 9/19, bet 8 and 9:45 am

A 37-year-old man left his pants with his wallet outside his locker. When he returned from working out, he discovered that the wallet was gone. It contained $60 and two credit cards and one debit card. Before he cancelled the cards, a purchase of  $97.88 was made on one of them.

Superdry, 22 Fulton, 9/19, 5 pm

Four men entered the store, three from the Water Street entrance and one from Front Street. They grabbed $1,275 worth of clothing and fled.

Patron of the New, 151 Franklin, 9/19, 4:15 pm

Five men entered the store and stole $26,190 worth of clothing including seven pairs of Amiri and Dior pants and a Dior jacket, bag and sweater. They fled on foot towards Hudson Street.

In front of 300 Albany, 9/19, bet. 10:30 am and midnight 

A man parked his $22,000 Ducati motorcycle on the street. It was stolen.

SE corner, Canal & Greenwich, bet 9/18, 10 pm and 9/19, 8 am

A Tribeca resident’s $9,700 Butchers & Bicycles bike was stolen after he left it locked to a sign post.

51 White, bet. 9/18, 5 pm and 9/19, 6:50 pm

Burglars clipped numerous locks to tool containers and doors at a construction site and stole $13,240 worth of tools.

Salvatore Ferragamo, 200 Vesey, Brookfield Pl., 9/18, 3:35 pm

A shoplifter stole 11 belts worth $5,000 and one $500 shirt.

The Dubliner, 45 Stone, 9/17, 11:30 pm

A thief took a man's $400 Gucci wallet that he had place beside him while sitting at the bar. He also lost his college ID, driver's license and various credit cards.

Maman, 211 West Broadway, 9/17, 1:10 pm

A woman hung her bag on the back of her chair while she had lunch. During that time, another woman bumped into her chair and said to her, "Excuse me, I bumped your purse." Thirty minutes later she discovered that her bank and credit card were gone. She also received an alert from her bank that someone had used her card to make a $5,661 purchase at Jeffrey New York.

Sweets by Chloe, 181 Front, 9/15, 1:42 am

A thief entered the business and stole two iPads, an iPod, and three tablet worth $1,360

State & Bridge, 9/15, 3:30 am

A stranger struck a man on the right side of the head with a broomstick, causing a laceration. A 42-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested.

North Moore & West, 9/13, 5:20 pm

A 23-year-old woman was walking on the east side of West Street between Harrison and North Moore Sts., when a man riding an electric bike on the sidewalk snatched her $500 Mansur Gavriel handbag containing a $500 Celine wallet. Police arrested a 35-year-old male suspect the next day.

65 Market Place, 65 Broadway, 12:10 pm

A teen attempted to leave the deli with a plate of food. When an employee tried to stop him, a second teen came over and started to fight with the employee. The teen with the food punched the worker in the face. Two suspects, ages 15 and 18, were arrested.

Duane Reade, 40 Wall, 9/10, 3:50 am

A man entered the store and put 121 deodorants worth $977 in a bag. When confronted by an employee, he said, "Back up or I'm gonna start stabbing." A 26-year-old Upper Manhattan man was arrested.

In front of 1 Bowling Green, 9/11, 7:30 pm

A Queens resident, 35, placed her bookbag on the sidewalk to take a picture. When she returned, one to two minutes later, it was gone. She lost her house keys, work ID, two credit cards, $100 and other miscellaneous items.

Hudson River Park, West & Vestry, 9/6, 4:10 am

A 48-year-old bicyclist was riding on the bike path and was stopped by two males and two females. After being pulled off his bike the thieves stole a pair of $150 sunglasses from his backpack. They also took his bike, which was later recovered.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt,  9/5, 5:30 pm

Shoplifters stole designer shirts, sneakers, boots, vests and other clothing valued at $4,685 and tried to leave the store. Two 21-year-old men were arrested.

Ulysses, 95 Pearl, 9/4, 10:15 pm

A 35-year-old Rockville Center man placed his bag on a table where he was talking to friends. Surveillance video showed an unknown man enter the bar, pick up the bag and walk out. The victim lost his $1,150 MacBook, $550 LV wallet, car and house keys and other items worth a total of $2,360.

In front of 5 White, 9/3, 3:30 pm

A Charles Street resident, 34, was visiting Soho Photo Gallery and stepped outside to change the lens on his camera. He left the camera and lenses on the stoop for about 15 minutes while he went across the street to look for possible photo angles. Someone stole the equipment, worth a total of $7,500. 

In front of 77 Fulton, 9/3, bet. 3:20 am and 3:30 am

A man left his wallet in his truck with the driver side door unlocked. Someone stole it. One of the credit cards was then used for a $416 purchase at a hardware store on Gold Street.

Sale & Pepe, rear of 55 Broadway, 9/3, 2:02 pm

A woman put her wallet down next to her as she ate at an outdoor table. Someone grabbed it and ran away. She lost $260 plus her credit cards and a $127 monthly MetroCard.

462 Greenwich, 9/1, 3:30 pm

Two men tampered with the entry door and then stole two packages from a lobby bench. The packages were later found open and with their products still inside. 

Roxy Hotel cocktail lounge, 2 Sixth, 8/31, 10 pm

A 22-year-old Manhattan woman left her Louis Vuitton bag unattended for a few hours. Someone stole the bag, which contained a $48 fossil wallet and two credit cards.

Fellow Barber, 18 Fulton, 8/31, 6 pm

Some time during the Labor Day weekend, a thief entered the closed store and stole $4,520 worth of shears, clippers, shavers, trimmers, colognes and numerous other items from a display shelf. Multiple people had access to the shop and there was no sign of forced entry.

Opposite 199 Chambers, 8/29, bet. 8:30 and 9:45 pm

A woman parked her car and when she returned, she discovered that a rear  passenger window had been smashed and that her debit card, credit, charger and driver's license had been stolen. A video showed the thief fleeing on a bicycle.

Coco Bistro, 236 Front, 8/29, bet. 3:50 and 4:15 am

A burglar stole $400 from the cash register.

Duane Reade, 100 Broadway, 8/28, 7:16 pm

A man entered the store and put 120 bottles of Essie nail polish, 36 bottles of Maybelline cosmetics and 65 bottles of body mist in his back backpack and left the store. The total value of the products stolen was $2,255.

Anthropologie, 195 Broadway, 8/28, 6:14 pm

Two thieves stuffed 15 pairs of jeans worth $2,905 into tote bags and walked out of the store.

Starbucks, 180 West Broadway, 8/28, 10 am

A 69-year-old man left his backpack on the window sill while he went outside to speak on the phone. Someone stole the bag which contained $4,196 worth of valuables including a MacBook, Bose headphones and Apple AirPods.

#3 Line, Wall Street, 8/27, 10:20 pm

A 15-year-old Midtown resident was traveling between the Wall and Clark Street stops when a man approached him and said, "I have a knife. Give me your phone or I'll hurt you." After taking the teen's $1,000 iPhone, $170 AirPods and $137, he ordered him to "Get off the train or I'll stab you."

Pier 17, 8/26, 6 pm

A cyclist came up behind a man, grabbed a $700 iPhone from his hand, and rode away.

Blue Mercury. 275 Greenwich, 8/26, 3:50 pm

A woman walked into the store, stole $1,796 worth of beauty products from the shelves and then fled south on Greenwich.

The Gap, 172 Broadway, 8/17, 5 pm

A shoplifter stole three pairs of jeans, a hoodie and jean jacket. When an employee tried to stop him, he displayed a box cutter and threatened to cut her.

Hermes, 15 Broad, 8/16, 2:40 pm

A shoplifter stole $1,355 worth of items.

Corner of Broadway & Morris, 8/16, 12:30 pm

A thief snatched a bag from the hand of a woman who was walking back to work. The bag contained a $1,000 MacBook, $500 Canon camera and $45 worth of household goods.

Inside 50 and 37 Lispenard, 8/16, 2 am and 3:33 am

Police say a man was seen on video surveillance using a piece of metal to break the glass of the front door of 50 Lispenard Street and later exit carrying several packages. He then went to 37 Lispenard where video surveillance showed him using a crowbar to smash the glass of the front door, open the door and enter. There, according to the criminal complaint he opened a package and then left with a bicycle pump. A suspect, 21, was arrested.

Nobletree Coffee, World Trade Center, 8/16, bet. 2 and 6 am

A suspect, 24, who had worked at the cafe and had access cards to the premises is being sought by police in connection with the theft of  $769.

The Gap, 172 Broadway, 8/15, 3:43 pm

A shoplifter stole 20 pairs of Gap jeans valued at $1,599.

In front of 126 Chambers, 8/14, 1 pm

A man parked his van in front of Mudville in order to use the bathroom. When he came out five minutes later, he discovered that his belongings that were under the passenger seat had been stolen. The van doors were locked, but the passenger side window had been left open. He lost a $1,500 MacBook,  $180 Ray-Ban sunglasses and other items with a total value of $1,775.

Whole Foods, 270 Greenwich, 8/12, bet. 2:20 and 2:40 pm

A Tribeca resident placed her purse in her cart and looked away multiple times as she did her shopping. During one of those occasions, someone stole her bag. She lost $200, her $600 iPhone, two credit cards and an insurance card.

R train, 8/10, 6:10 pm

A pickpocket stole a $670 Samsung Galaxy cellphone from the back pocket of a woman's shorts after she boarded the train at City Hall station.

Platform, South Ferry/Whitehall Street station, 8/10, 3:15 am

After a thief stole a man's Tumi work bag containing an iPhone, passport, driver's license and MacBook Air, he called the victim, a 27-year-old Manhattan resident,  and demanded money in exchange for returning the phone. They agreed to meet at a subway station. The man informed the police who arrested the thief at the meeting place. The man was in possession of the phone and cocaine.

Sephora, Westfield WTC, 8/6, noon

A 49-year-old homeless man was arrested after placing 10 bottles of fragrance in his backpack. He was stopped by a store employee who recognized him from a previous store larceny.

In front of 21 Jay, bet. 8/5, 6 pm & 8/6, 8 am

A thief stole a 2012 Triumph motorcycle valued at $11,000.

Platform bench, Whitehall subway station, 8/5, bet, 8 am & 1:30 pm

A homeless man fell asleep on the bench and when he woke up he discovered that the pocket of his shorts had been cut and that his wallet was missing. He lost $40, his Social Security card, his IDNYC Benefits Card and a copy of his birth certificate.

In front of 2 Broadway, 8/5, 2:47 pm

A 55-year old man was working at his fruit stand when a thief came up behind him and reached into his left pocket, grabbed $900, and ran off.

78 South, Pier 15, 8/4, 12:10 pm

A 44-year-old resident of Virginia walked away from a bench where he was sitting to see if he could get better reception elsewhere on his cell phone. When he returned his property was gone, including a passport, $8,000 and a credit card.

New York Health and Racquet Club, 39 Whitehall, 8/3, bet. 2 and 3:30 pm

A man, 23, placed his $100 Tumi wallet in his backpack that he left in his unlocked locker. When he returned from working out, he discovered that the wallet was gone. It contained credit cards, a Delaware driver's license and $120.

Lacoste, The Oculus, 8/2, 5:22 pm

A man stole 17 Polo shirts worth $1,1121.

Inside 80 N. Moore St, 8/2, bet. 5:15 and 6:45 pm

An Independence Plaza tenant, 65, left a $10,000 SPCarbon Custom White Road bike outside the front door of his apartment. It was stolen.

Whitehall St/South Ferry Station, 8/1, 3:20 pm

After leaving work at 2 Broadway, a 68-year-old woman noticed that a man who was hanging out on the street followed her. When she got to the bottom of the subway station staircase, the man attempted to steal her $1,000 gold necklace. After a struggle in which he scratched the victim's neck, the man gave up and fled, dropping his cellphone, which the victim picked up. Update: The suspect was apprehended on 8/8.

Conrad Hotel, 102 North End, 8/1, 12 pm

A Manhattan woman was with her co-workers in a crowded elevator and when she got out, one of them noted that her bag was open. The woman, 27, who recalled being bumped in the elevator, discovered that her $400 Gucci wallet containing her driver's license and credit and debit cards was gone. Fifteen minutes later she was notified that a charge of $3,045 was made on her card at the nearby Century 21 department store. Another charge of $400 was attempted but stopped by her bank.

In front of 75 Wall, 7/31, 1:30 am

A 22-year-old woman was standing in front of her building playing a game on her iPhone when a man snatched the phone and fled.

In front of 120 Walker, 7/25, 9:45 pm

A deliveryman, 32, was approached by an unidentified man and woman who demanded his bike while displaying a silver firearm. The woman rode off with the bike and the male fled with another person.  

Anyone with information on the identity of the individuals is asked to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), or log onto the CrimeStoppers website at


Inside 21 West, between 6/26 and 7/31

A resident hired a cleaning service to clean her apartment. She later discovered that checks and credit cards had been stolen and that a check for $2,800 made out to the cleaner had been deposited in his bank account. The check was flagged by the bank due to the fraudulent signature.

Opposite 118 South, 7/28, 11:50 pm

While walking home from work, a man, 19, was assaulted by two strangers who punched him multiple times and then took his book bag with a $1,000 computer,  wallet with his New York State ID, credit and debit cards and a McDonald's shirt.

Chik-fil-A, 144 Fulton, 7/26, 3:53 pm

A 59-year-old Lower East Side resident who had just opened a bank account with her 91-year-old mother forgot a folder in the bathroom. A fraudulent charge of $580 was made on her debit card. The daughter's green card was stolen and both victims also lost their Social Security cards and TD Bank checks.

Outside Broadway & Ann, 7/26, 3:45 am

A 24-year-old male visitor from Michigan was approached from behind by a stranger and stabbed in the lower back, causing bleeding. (No other information on the victim’s condition was provided.) The assailant, 64, resisted arrest by displaying a knife that he refused to drop and putting his hands behind his back. Three other knives were found on him. The man was charged with felonious assault.

In front of 58 Lispenard, 7/26,  bet. 12:10 am and 10:30 am

When a visitor from Rye Brook, NY, returned to her parked 2018 Mercedes Benz, she discovered that the rear passenger window had been broken and that $14,548 worth of accessories, including designer watches, wallets, rings and sunglasses, had been stolen. 

52 Beaver, 7/25, 9:30 am

A thief stole an iPad and MacBook from an apartment. The auto-lock on the door had been disengaged.

Zara, 222 Broadway, 7/24, 11 am

Five shoplifters entered the store, stuffed 68 t-shirts worth $2,345 into bags and fled. 

In front of 233 Broadway, 7/23, 9:08 pm

A man snatched a $400 pair of Beats headphones from a woman's head. He and a group of his friends then fled south on Broadway.

In front of 89 Reade, 7/23, 1:20 pm

A man left his Citi Bike unattended for 10 minutes while he went into Nish Nush restaurant. It was stolen.

Apple store, World Trade Center, 185 Greenwich, 7/22, 1:30 pm

Two men stole two iPhones from a display wall.

Jubilee Grocery, 99 John, 7/22, 1:15 pm

A man slashed the hand of one employee with a box cutter and punched another in the face. He then stole 20 jars of honey worth $128. A 40-year-old man was arrested.

Opposite 17 State, 7/13, 2:30 am

A man was walking from the #6 train toward the Staten Island Ferry terminal when three men attacked him from behind, threw him to the ground and punched him in the face while the victim yelled, "You can take my wallet." The thieves fled with his wallet, which contained $15 and his $100 cell phone. The man, 59, was treated on the scene and refused to be transported to the hospital.

On the Esplanade at Chambers, Battery Park City, 7/9 2:30 am

A 31-year-old North Moore Street resident was sitting on a bench with her $5,500 Gucci purse next to her. A man on a scooter grabbed the bag and fled. The bag contained a $300 Louis Vuitton wallet with a credit card and a driver's license, and $200 Apple airpods.

Duane Reade, 250 Broadway, 7/8, 8:30 pm

Two men entered the store and one of them used a key to open a display case and steal $1,193 worth of over-the-counter drugs including 22 bottles of Tylenol, eight Nexium capsules and 14 boxes of Aleve. 

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 7/8, 6:45 pm

On a video surveillance camera, a security guard observed a shopper put on a sweater and a jacket and then rip off the price tags. She then went into the dressing room and came out with a tote bag that appeared to be full, and paid for one jacket. The woman, a 19-year-old Wall Street resident, was arrested after attempting to leave the store with $2,102 worth of unpaid women's clothing.

Whole Foods, 270 Greenwich, 7/8, 1:15 pm

 A 60-year-old man left his wallet in his shopping cart while he ate. When he went to the register to pay, he discovered that his wallet was gone. Someone attempted to use his Amercan Express card at Apple and Best Buy stores.

11 Greenwich St., 7/7, 12:45 am

A 73-year-old woman was brutally attacked by a man who approached her on the street demanding sex, police said. After refusing the demand, police said, the man repeatedly punched the woman in the face, knocking out teeth, breaking an eye socket and causing multiple lacerations and bruising. The woman was transported to an area hospital in stable but serious condition. UPDATE: This suspect was arrested.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Brookfield Pl., 7/6, 5:20 pm

A man stole a $1,390 handbag.

Inside 255 Hudson, 7/5, 4:28 pm

A man was seen on security cameras entering the building through the service entrance and then going through the building trying multiple residents' doors. He finally entered an apartment and took $50. A woman inside the apartment on the floor below heard him and screamed and the intruder fled.

Jenni Kayne, 20 Harrison, 6/28, 3:30 am

A witness saw a man enter the store through a door with broken glass. The intruder stayed for approximately two minutes before fleeing empty handed.

Cowgirl Seahorse, 259 Front, 6/27, 1:20 am

A burglar forced his way through the back door of the restaurant and tried to open the cash register but was unsuccessful. Both the door and register were damaged.

"A" train, Fulton Street, 6/25, 4:40 pm

A woman was sitting on the train with her infant on her lap and her bag on the seat next to her. When the doors opened at Fulton Street, a man grabbed the bag and ran off. Among other items, she lost her $1,000 iPhone, passport, two birth certificates, two social security cards and $150.  

Superdry, 22 Fulton, 6/27, 6:24 pm

Four shoplifters stole $1,572 worth of merchandise including 10 fanny packs, 21 pairs of shorts and nine pairs of underwear.

Open Market, 15 William, 6/24, 2:49 pm

An employee’s backpack was stolen from under the register. Review of surveillance video showed a man taking it. Inside the bag was the woman's Green Card, medicines, house keys, debit and credit cards, Social Security card and driver's license.

Parking garage inside 70 Greenwich, 6/23, 2:30 pm

Two Clifton, NJ, residents parked their truck in the garage while they went to eat. When they returned an hour and ten minutes later, they discovered that thieves had  stolen $4,700 worth of clothing, jewelry, electronics, and cash as well as a passport from the truck.

Le Pain Quotidien, 85 Broad, 6/21, 3 pm

A 28-year-old woman was sitting at a table reading a book while she ate, with her bookbag on the floor next to her. When she went to get her bag, she discovered that it had been stolen. The $200 bag contained a $170 wallet with four credit cards and a New York State ID.

"A" train, Chambers Street, 6/20, 10:40 pm

A man snatched a woman's $1,000 iPhone while she sat on a platform bench. The man fled and the victim, 29, gave chase, but lost sight of him.

"J" train, Fulton Street, 6/19, 5:40 pm

A 46-year-old Queens woman answered her phone as she was exiting the station when a thief snatched the $900 iPhone from her hand and fled.

Hudson River Park, opposite 200 Rector Place, 6/19, 6:30 pm

A 14-year-old Rector Place resident left his property on a bench and went to play soccer on the lawn. When he returned to the bench an hour later, he found that his $100 Nike jacket, $1,468 iPhone and a credit card were gone. 

Hermes of Paris, 16 Broad, 6/19, 3:24 pm

A woman stole a $1,050 belt from a store display.

"J" train, Broad & Exchange, 6/19, 1 am

After a night out drinking with friends, an intoxicated Brooklyn man, 23, fell asleep on a bench as he waited for the train. At 5:30 a.m., he was awakened by an unknown man who told him he had to leave the station. He then discovered that both his $200 Haerfest backpack and the phone that had been in his pocket were stolen. He lost a total of $2,700 worth of electronics.

7-Eleven, 311 Broadway, 6/15, 8:10 pm

A store employee approached two men who had gone behind the counter and told them that they were not allowed to be there. When he tried to recover the merchandise they were stealing, they punched him repeatedly in the abdomen and fled with five pairs of earbuds worth $125.

River Terrace & Murray, 6/15, 2:05 pm

A woman, 56, who had been sitting on a park bench forgot her purse when she left. Upon returning 10 minutes later, she discovered that it was gone. The purse contained a Chinese ID card and passport, and an $1,100 iPhone among other items. A 37-year-old woman was arrested.

Outside 115 Broadway, 6/13, 7:30 pm

A 69-year-old Staten Island woman was about to enter a cab when a man snatched her shoulder bag from her arm and ran south on Broadway. A $500 iPhone, two pairs of eyeglasses worth $1,400, keys, and her driver's license and car registration were among the items lost.

In front of 222 Broadway, 6/13, 3:35 pm

Five muggers who appeared to be about 16 years old, approached a 19-year-old Queens resident. One of them displayed a knife and demanded the teen's Apple watch and shoes. When the victim started to walk away, one of them opened his backpack and took his phone charger and shorts. They then fled south on Broadway.

100 Hudson St., 6/13, 3 pm

A 46-year-old Tribeca resident received a call from a woman claiming to be from the Social Security office. She told him that his information was compromised and his ID needed to be verified. Police, she said, would be calling him. The man later received a call from a man whose caller ID number he recognized as the same as the 1st Precinct’s. At the caller’s request, the man bought a $500 gift card from the Tribeca Target and two gift cards totaling $750 from the Duane Reade at 352 Greenwich Street, then gave the gift card codes to the caller.

Urban Outfitters, 182 Broadway, 6/11, 4:09 pm

Five shoplifters stole $657 worth of tees and a purse, stuffing them into a backpack and bags. When a security guard confronted them, several of them pushed, grabbed and hit her, before running away with the clothing.

Inside 1 Liberty Plaza, 6/11, 7 am

A worker left his backpack in a common area of a construction site. When he returned 90 minutes later, he saw that his wallet had been stolen. It contained credit cards, his NJ driver's license and a license issued by the city’s Department of Buildings.

IPIC Theater, 11 Fulton, 6/8, 11:15 pm

A stranger struck a 34-year-old woman who had just finished watching a movie with glass cup. The assault caused a laceration under her right eye. A 26-year-old Brooklyn woman was arrested.

Murray & North End, 6/8, 12:25 am

A Queens resident, 26, was on the bus when a woman said to her, “You're a terrorist and you're going to blow up the bus," then struck her multiple times with a metal handle, causing lacerations to her leg, arm and hand. The assailant, 64, who gave her address as the South Beach Psychiatric Center in Staten Island, was arrested and the victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Mad Dog & Beans, 83 Pearl, 6/7, 4:07 pm

A 36-year-old resident of Pomona, NY, placed her shoulder bag on the back of her chair while she ate with her friend. It was stolen. She lost $427, her driver's license, credit cards, work ID, house keys, prescription pain medication and a pair of Apple AirPods.

Retro Fitness, 1 New York Plaza, 6/6, 6 pm

A man, 30, returned to his locker after working out and discovered that the lock was gone as well his pants and belt, a wallet with $65, his work ID and credit cards.

Imagination Playground, Front & John, 6/5, 5:40 pm

Four teens were harassing a man's daughter. When the father asked them to stop, they became aggressive and started cursing at him and at least one began throwing rocks, one of which hit him on the head. The group then fled eastbound on Front Street.

John Varvatos, Westfield World Trade Center, 6/3, 7:33 pm

A shoplifter was seen on a surveillance camera taking 17 Pride t-shirts valued at $1,266.

Crown Shy restaurant, 70 Pine, 6/3, 3 pm

A man entered the restaurant and told a manager that he was part of "the construction crew." The man then entered a closet where he took the man's $1,400 MacBook out of  a leather bag, hid it under his jacket and walked out of the restaurant.

Starbucks, 135 John, 6/3, 9 am

A 22-year-old left his backpack upstairs while he went to get coffee on the ground floor. When he returned, it was gone. He lost his South Korean and U.S. passports, a Samsung notebook worth $1,400 and several South Korean credit cards.

Our Lady of Victory Church, 60 William, 5/31, 12:33 pm

A man approached a woman, 39, in the hallway of the church, put a kitchen knife to her forearm and said, "Give me your money." The victim give him her wallet, which contained $70, her driver's license, credit cards and other miscellaneous items.

99 Cent Fresh Pizza, 383 Canal, 5/30, 10:05 pm

A man ran into the store, displayed a large knife, jumped over the counter, and attempted to open the cash register by picking it up and dropping it. When it did not open, he attempted to remove the cash drawer. Failing at that, he grabbed the tip jar containing $30, jumped back over the counter and fled.

Serafina Tribeca, 95 West Broadway, 5/30, 6:10 pm

A 43-year-old Battery Park City resident left his wallet on top of the bar counter. When he returned about 20 minutes later, he discovered that the wallet was gone. He lost $100, his keys, credit cards, his work ID and his driver's license.

4/5 train, Bowling Green Station, 5/29, 7:10 pm

As the train doors opened, a thief grabbed a man's phone and fled.

Louis Vuitton, 225 Liberty, 5/29, 4:13 pm

A saleswoman asked a woman if she could help her and the woman asked if she could pay with a credit card without a photo ID. She then proceeded to walk out of the store with five wallets, two pairs of sunglasses and a bag with a total value of $9,630. The shoplifter had stolen merchandise nine days before.

Duane Reade, 185 Greenwich, 5/28, 8:49 pm

Police responded to a larceny in progress call and arrested a 27-year-old Teaneck, NJ, resident.

Zara, 222 Broadway, 5/28, 8:08 pm

Five men entered the store and concealed $1,545 worth of  t-shirts, and jackets in Forever 21 shopping bags and left the store.

Duane Reade, 95 Wall, 5/27, 10:30 pm

A shoplifter was seen on the store's video camera removing 74 items of make-up, putting them in a bag and leaving the store. The value of the merchandise was $1,610.

59 Maiden Lane, 5/26, 1:16 pm

A 39-year-old woman, visiting from Cambridge, MA, was standing outside when she placed her bag on the ground to take pictures of her family. Returning to pick up her bag, she discovered it was gone. Surveillance footage showed two men picking up the bag, quickly looking inside, and then leaving the scene. The bag contained a cell phone, bank cards and driver’s license, among other items.

106 Front (parking garage), 5/24, 5:20 am

A man was seen on video trying to steal a 2018 BMW. Police say the man fit the description of the thief who successfully got away the day before with a Lexus from a parking garage at 80 John St. (See item below.)  

80 John, (parking garage), 5/23, 7:35 am

A man was viewed on video approaching and entering a 2017 black Lexus and driving away. The car was last seen by a plate reader as it left Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge.

95 Pearl (Ulysses), 5/23, 5:45 pm

An East Northport, NY, man, 54, was seated with his parents, when his bag and wallet were taken from outside, through the window of the bar. Witnesses reported seeing three teenage males taking the property and fleeing in different directions.

SE corner of West B’way and Leonard, 5/23, 2:15 pm

Two boys, 15 and 16 years old, struck a 64-year-old man in the face and head with a plastic construction sign. The victim was transported to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital for treatment of lacerations. The teens were arrested.

32 Ave. of the Americas, 5/20, 1:25 pm

The owner of a customized Budnitz bike valued at $6,200, locked his bicycle in front of the building around 11:25 a.m. and when he returned two hours later it was gone.

200 Hudson, 5/20, 6:06 am

A 33-year-old woman placed building keys, radios, a state security ID and other items behind the main lobby desk before going to the bathroom. When she returned to the desk, they were gone. Surveillance video showed a man walking through the building’s revolving doors, removing the items, and leaving the building.

Aldo, 181 Broadway, 5/19, 3:20 pm

A shopper put down her $2,000 Celine purse and a man ran off with it. The victim chased the thief into the Fulton Street train station where he dropped the purse after taking her wallet, valued at $900. The thief attempted to charge $160 at an MTA station using one of the woman's credit cards, but it was rejected.

Apple store, World Trade Center, 5/18, 5:11 pm

Five shoplifters entered the store and stole $3,620 worth of 20 Airpods from tables, putting them in their sweatshirt and sweatpants pockets. The thieves fled into the subway where two of them were stopped by police. A brief foot pursuit ensued, but the men escaped.

Duane Reade, 95 Wall, 5/16, 9:14 pm

Two shoplifters stole $1,062 worth of skin care products.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 5/16, 8:35 pm

One man took 13 sweaters valued at $1,480 and put them in a brown, aluminum-lined shopping bag. Another man then took the bag and tried to leave the store. The men, 54 and 43, were arrested.

Ermenegildo Zegna, Brookfield Place, 5/15, 4:37 pm

Two men stole a $4,950 leather jacket and a $250 pair of flip flops before fleeing south on West Street.

Shinola, 177 Franklin, 5/15, 1:54 pm

A man entered the store, removed three bags worth $1,785 from a shelf and ran east on Franklin Street.

In front of 95 Leonard, 5/11, 6:45 pm

Someone stole a 2013 $5,000 Vespa. The owner told police he might have left the key in the scooter’s key compartment.

The Irish American Pub, 17 John, 5/10, bet. 11 pm and 1:30 am

A woman placed her backpack under the table. Upon getting ready to leave, she discovered that it had been stolen. She lost a $900 laptop, a $150 Kate Spade wallet, her hospital ID and pagers, keys and two credit cards.

Fulton & Dutch, 5/11, 11:37 pm

A 41-year-old Manhattan resident was walking down the street when an unidentified assailant struck the man’s nose with his forehead, saying "Where's my money? Want my money." He then removed the victim's welfare benefits card and his New York State ID from the victim’s sock.

In front of 15 Park Row, 5/9, 4:40 pm

A man, 48, was leaving work while talking on his iPhone. Four or five teens approached him and one of them grabbed the phone from his hand. They all fled.

Retro Fitness, 1 New York Plaza, 5/8, 4:45 pm

A thief cut locks on three lockers, stealing numerous credit cards and $40.

McDonald's, 167 Chambers, 5/7, 7:50 am

A man, 55, was speaking on his cell phone while sitting in the restaurant when a man came over to him and struck the top of his head with a black metal pole. The victim was taken to the hospital. According to an employee, the assailant is often at the restaurant between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

In front of 49 Beach, 5/6, 9:15 pm

A man fled with an electric bike that an employee for Il Mattone restaurant had momentarily left unattended. The thief abandoned it within a few minutes and the owner recovered it.

Bowling Green station, 5/6, 5:15 pm

A man was arrested after he punched the ceiling on a southbound #4 train and then struck a passenger, 58, in his face with his umbrella, breaking the victim's glasses. The attacker, 38, was later arrested at the South Ferry station.

A train platform, Chambers St., 5/5, 1 am

A 17-year-old got on the train at Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn. She and an unknown woman on the train got into a verbal dispute. As the train pulled into the Chambers Street stop, the woman stabbed the teen between her right breast and shoulder area. The assailant remained on the train when it left the station. The victim got off and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Le Pain Quotidien, 85 Broad, 5/4, 11:16 pm

A man was seen on video forcibly entering the store and leaving 15 minutes later. Two tablets on the counter, worth a total of $1,000, were stolen. There was no tampering to the safe, which contained cash.

102 Franklin, Culinary Concept Hospitality Group, 5/3, 3:58 am

A robber climbed the scaffolding outside the building the entered an unlocked window to an office on the second floor. He stole four laptops valued at $4,400, a $3,000 Michel Bras 10-piece knife set and two cameras worth $1,000, which he placed in a garbage bag and shopping cart that were inside the office. He also stole $3,000. The man left the building on the freight elevator.

Lot-Less, 150 William, 5/3, 10:30 am

A 62-year-old shopper put down her purse to take a photo of a pair of shoes. When she turned around, the bag was gone. She lost $80 along with a debit card, medical card and driver's licence.

Saks Fifth Avenue, 250 Vesey, 5/1, 3:30 pm

A shoplifter concealed $1,275 worth of jewelry and clothing in his pocket and under his clothing and attempted to leave the store. The man, 22, who was an employee of the store at the time, was arrested.

Bridge & Broad, 5/1, 5:40 pm

A transit police officer saw a man recklessly riding a Citi Bike in traffic. He stopped him and discovered that the bike had been stolen. The man was arrested.

Fulton Center, 200 Broadway, 5/1, 5:10 pm

A Queens resident, 45, got into a verbal dispute with another man who then struck him with a metal "Wet Floor" sign. The assailant fled and the victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Saks Fifth Avenue, 250 Vesey, 4/29, 6:30 pm

A woman, 30, attempted to buy $3,975 worth of merchandise with a stolen credit card. She was arrested.  

In front of 270 Greenwich, 4/29, 3:50 pm

A 20-year-old Queens man was walking to the bank when he was approached by someone who asked him to buy candy. The man said he did not want candy but would give him $3. When the man took out his money, the person snatched a $100 bill from his hand and ran away.

In front of 334 Greenwich, 4/29, 3:35 pm

Two men from Queens, 22 and 23 years old, were approached by “multiple” men who separated them, forcing one into the vestibule at the TD Bank at 166 Chambers St. and making him withdraw $20 from the ATM. The second victim gave another man $10 expecting to get change back. The perpetrator, confronted by the man as he walked away, slapped the victim with an open palm, causing his lip to swell and bleed.

Arrest in Downtown package thefts

Police arrested a man, 63, on April 25 who was seen on video camera forcing open the front doors of three Lower Manhattan buildings and stealing packages. Sometime between April 16 and 22, video showed him jamming a screwdriver into the front door lock of 176 Broadway and leaving with packages containing clothing worth $1,725. On April 17, at 10:29 p.m., he was observed prying open the door of 79 Reade Street and taking a package with a $198 pair of jeans. On April 20, at 20 minutes after midnight, the same man was observed on camera prying open the front door of 261 Broadway and taking a package with $692 worth of clothing.

In front of 185 Greenwich, 4/24, 6:43 pm

An Apple security guard flagged down a police car after stopping a man, 50, who had taken property from the store. The man, who had been involved in a similar incident, had signed a trespass notice in December agreeing not to enter an Apple store.

In front of 368 Greenwich, 4/23, 3 pm

A 38-year-old Queens man locked his bike with a bike chain and a U-lock. When he returned an hour and 15 minutes later, the bike and locks, valued at $1,500, were gone.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 4/23, 2:50 pm

A man, 35, was arrested for trying to steal two Dolce & Gabbana jackets worth $1,700 by hiding them beneath his jacket.

82 Reade, 1803 NYC sidewalk table, 4/23, 2:40 pm

A woman, 36, placed her bag on the back of her chair while she ate outside. When she left to go to the bathroom, she asked her companion to watch her bag. Instead, the friend looked at her phone. When she looked up, she discovered that someone had stolen the purse. The victim lost $1,191 worth of valuables including two iPhones, credit cards and her driver's license.

Target, 255 Greenwich,  bet. 4/15 and 4/22

A store employee observed an employee on camera repeatedly take money from his cash register and place it in his pocket. The total amount was $5,300. The employee, 19, was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

Inside 79 Reade, 4/11, 11:07 am, reported on 4/16

A burglar picked the front door lock and removed a package that was between the double doors. The box contained $533 worth of clothing.

Shake Shack, 200 Broadway, 4/16, 8:30 pm

A tourist from New Zealand was having dinner with his wife and placed his bag under the table. When they were finished eating, he discovered that the bag had been stolen. They lost valuables worth $1,200 including two cameras, a Kathmandu rain jacket and other miscellaneous items.

Maiden & South, 4/16, 6 pm

A man working at a food truck was attacked by an assailant who hit him on the head and face with a chair. The victim, 31, was taken to the hospital and a 32-year-old suspect was arrested.

Inside 205 Hudson, 4/16, 12:04 pm

A 28-year-old woman was at work when she received a phone call from an unknown man who said he was with the New York State Police and that her identity had been stolen. In order to get it back, he said, she had send all her IDs to their "attorney" and that she had to wire them $24,800. The woman, a Brooklyn resident, did everything they requested.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 4/14, 11:48 am

Two shoplifters worked together to steal $1,630 worth of clothing by placing them in a backpack and a baby stroller. They were accompanied by two small children. Two suspects, a man, 34 and a woman, 29, were arrested.

Franklin Street Station, Varick & Franklin, 4/14, 4:40 am

While waiting for the the southbound train, a man approached a 42-year-old Staten Island resident and asked for a dollar. The man then punched the victim in the face. causing a laceration to his lip, grabbed $20 from his hand and fled.

40 Harrison, bet. 2/27 and 4/10

When a woman returned from a vacation, she discovered that the following items were missing from her apartment: two iPhones valued at $2,400, a $1,000 Prada bag, and one Cartier hoop diamond earring worth $7,500.

250 Vesey, 4/10, 9:45 pm

A man parked his vehicle with a 16-foot trailer at a loading dock and got out, leaving the ignition on. A woman got into the driver's seat and started to drive away, but the owner was able to stop her by grabbing the keys out of the ignition. The woman fled eastbound on Vesey.

90 Washington, 4/10, 6 pm

A woman, 22, received a telephone call from a stranger who told her that her Social Security number was compromised and that she had to send $2,000 in Home Depot cards and a photo of herself. She did both.

C train at Chambers, 4/10, 4:35 pm

A rider got on the train at Chambers Street and when it stopped at Canal Street, a stranger stabbed him in the back of his left leg and then fled. The victim's wound required four stitches.

Kaede Restaurant, 90 Chambers, 4/10, 11 am

A 31-year-old Staten Island woman left her wallet unattended at her table. When she went to pay for her meal, she discovered that it had been stolen. She lost her $60 unlimited MetroCard, her New York City ID and a debit card.

59 Maiden Lane, 4/1, 11:30 am, reported 4/9

A man called the victim, 43, who was working in an apartment and said that he was a "federal agent" and that if she did not send him Google, K-Mart and Best Buy money cards in the amount of $9,750, she would be arrested. She believed him and sent the money.

25 Beaver, 4/8, 3:45 pm

A thief snatched a man's iPhone while he was reading his emails and ran away. The victim, 38, chased him. The thief dropped the phone and the man recovered it. He called the police and continued running after him, but lost sight of him at Maiden Lane and Water Street.

Broadway & Fulton, 4/7, 10:45 pm

A man was charging his phone in a public charging station when someone came up behind him and grabbed the phone. The victim, 54, struggled with the thief, who punched him several times in the face. The victim wrested the phone from the assailant, who then fled into the subway with the man's headphones. The victim suffered pain in his temple and required stitches on his forehead.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 4/7, 5:30 pm

A man was observed removing the price tag from a Balmain Camel coat and replacing it with tag that was $2,390 less in price. He then tried to pay for the coat. The alleged shoplifter, a 33-year-old Brooklyn resident, was arrested.

Anthropologie, 195 Broadway, 4/6, 2 pm

A man stole 10 pairs of jeans valued at $1,890.

Equinox, 14 Wall, 4/5,  bet. 4 and 5 pm

A 29-year-old Stanford, Conn,. man put his belongings in a locker and locked it. When he returned an hour later, the lock was undamaged but his $8,550 Rolex watch was gone.

Belle Reve, 305 Church, 12:15 am

A thief took a bag that a man, 31, forgot in the bathroom. The $400 Filson bag contained his $900 Lenovo computer, $600 iPhone and $350 Bose headphones.

Broadway & Chambers, 4/3, 10:55 pm

A man ran up from behind a 28-year-old Bronx woman who was walking to the subway and grabbed her wristlet. It held $1,200, keys to her work, her daughter's Medicaid car, and her driver's license.

The Battery, NE corner, Battery Pl. and State, 4/3, 8:02 pm

A 28-year-old man was walking through Battery Park near his home at 21 West Street, when a mugger simulated a gun in his hoodie pouch and told the victim to get on his knees. While on his knees the victim said, “You probably don’t have a gun.”

The robber replied, “Wanna bet?” and took out a handgun from his hoodie pouch.

The victim handed the robber his wallet, who took out an American Express card and $300, and also stole his cell phone, then fled on foot.

Opposite 200 West, 4/3, 3:50 pm

A Ft. Worth, Texas, man, 34, left his minivan unattended while making a delivery. A thief stole two bags containing Chanel and Gucci shoes and Swarovski jewelry, valued at $4,750.

Murray & Broadway, 3/30, 5:50 am

A FDNY EMT was punched multiple time in the face by an intoxicated man who he was transporting to the hospital. The alleged assailant, a 26-year-old Brooklyn resident, was arrested.

Abercrombie and Fitch, 199 Water, 3/30, 3:45 pm

Police arrested a 45-year-old resident of Catherine Slip for stealing $1,326 worth of fragrances.

Abercrombie and Fitch, 199 Water, 3/28, 6:57 pm

A man hid 10 bottles of A&F fragrance worth $1,164 under his coat and left the store.

WTC A Train station, 3/28, 3 pm

A 72-year-old New Jersey man was trying to buy a MetroCard from a vending machine. When a man nearby told a woman to hurry up, the first man asked the woman if she was okay. The second man then told him to "mind his business" and punched him in the head, causing a laceration. He was taken to the hospital.

Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store, Brookfield Place, 3/27, 3:07 pm

A shoplifter put $7,215 worth of clothing in his bag, and left the store. A 24-year-old Manhattan man was arrested.

The Gap, 172 Broadway, 3/24, 6:17 pm

A shoplifter used a garbage bag to steal 15 denim jackets and 27 pairs of shorts with a total value of $1,993.

In front of 77 Pearl, 3/24, 1:30 pm

A man parked his car. When he returned about five hours later, he discovered that $2,000 had been taken from a jacket left in the car. Unauthorized transactions were also made to the victim's Chase account.

In front of 140 Duane. 3/22, 5:15 am

While a man making a delivery stood at the back of his truck, an unidentified person jumped into the vehicle and drove off. Going east on Duane, he hit a parked car, then abandoned it at Centre and Howard Streets.

#4 train, Bowling Green Station, 3/20, 11:35 am

A rider was going to work on the northbound train. When a man tried to sell him CDs, the passenger said to him, "I don't have money. Get the fuck out of my face." The next thing the victim, 72, knew, he woke up on the platform with a broken nose, a badly injured eye and substantial injury to the side of his face.

Ulysses Bar, 95 Pearl, 3/19, 5:45 pm

A 28-year-old Manhattan woman was at the bar with co-workers when she discovered that her bag was missing. It was found on the corner but her wallet and AirPods were missing. Two purchases for a total of $1,000 were made on her debit and credit cards. A 15-year-old boy was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

Macao Trading Co., 311 Church, 3/16, 2:25 pm

A man came into the restaurant, walked around, and then left, taking a jacket belonging to a worker that was on a stool. The employee, 23, lost his $250 Montbell jacket, a wallet with $100, $150 AirPods and a $35 MetroCard.

In front of 200 West Street, 3/16, 4:20 pm

A resident of the building dropped her $800 Chanel wallet as she was getting out of her car. A man on a Citi Bike was later seen on surveillance video stopping, picking up the wallet and removing items from it. She lost seven credit cards including a $450 Saks Fifth Avenue and a $100 Neiman Marcus gift card as well as $100.

Victoria's Secret, the Oculus, 185 Greenwich, 3/16, 3:40 pm

After noticing an empty store display, a store security manager reviewed video surveillance and saw a man and a woman removing 20 bottles of cologne worth $1,204 from the shelves and leave the store.

Trinity Place & Cedar, 3/15, 7:10 pm

A 20-year-old man broke the driver's rear side window of a car with a bike lock and then hit the driver with the lock, cutting the victim's left arm. A second man, 24, shattered the car's rear passenger side window with the bike lock. The two men, one from Brooklyn, the other from Manhattan, were arrested.

In front of 46 Walker, 3/11, 3 pm

A witness observed a man used a bent clothes hanger to obtain multiple packages from a Fedex and UPS dropbox that he put in his messenger bag. When the police arrived, the alleged thief was still on the scene and the victim pointed him out to them. The man, a 38-year-old Bronx resident, was arrested.

1 Beekman, bet. 3/9, 5 pm and 3/12, 6 am

Thieves entered a construction site and stole copper pipes and fittings valued at  $5,570 plus $640 worth of miscellaneous items.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 3/10, 7:35 pm

A shoplifter, 22, was arrested for concealing two Dolce & Gabbana jackets worth $1,380 in a bag and attempting to leave the store. He was also in possession of burglar's tools.

Opposite 250 Broadway, 3/8, 12:55 pm

A visitor from Canada was walking along the sidewalk carrying a shopping bag containing a $500 Louis Vuitton wallet when a boy on a bike snatched the bag from the 17-year-old victim’s hand, saying, “Ha, ha, I got your Louis Vuitton bag.” From surveillance video, police recognized the alleged thief, a 15 year-old who lives at 220 Madison Ave.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 3/7, 5:28 pm

An Ann Arbor woman, 35, attempted to steal $6,702 worth of clothing, shoes, jewelry and other items from the store. She was arrested.

In front of 28 Warren, 3/4, 9:30 pm

A 30-year-old Bronx man working for Gran Morsi restaurant chained his $1,730 e-bike to scaffolding. When he returned two hours later, he discovered the bike missing and the broken chains on the sidewalk.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 3/4, 6:30 pm

A man took two boxes of fragrances with a total value of $84.98 from a display shelf and concealed them in his jacket. Security guards tried to stop him as he left the store. The alleged thief took out a folding box cutter and menaced them before fleeing. A 38-year-old man was later arrested and charged with robbery.

Gristede's, 71 South End, 3/4, 8:19 am

A woman, approximately 35 years old, entered the store and removed 22 six-packs of Hershey chocolate bars worth $176 and put them in her backpack. When she tried to leave the store two employees attempted to stop her and a struggle ensued. The woman then pulled pepper spray from her pocket and sprayed one of them in the face, and then fled. The victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Brookfield Place, 3/2, 4:10 pm

A shoplifter stole a $2,200 handbag and fled.

Victoria's Secret at Westfield WTC, 2/15, 2/26, 2/27 and 3/3

A woman arrested and released March 4 for an alleged shoplifting spree at Victoria’s Secret at the World Trade Center Oculus had been wanted since June for the alleged violent assault and robbery in Brooklyn of an 84-year-old man.

The day after she was released on her own recognizance for what police say was taking nearly $6,000 worth of bras, panties and pajamas over four different days, Rachel Golden, 42, was arrested again. Prosecutors say that in the course of taking the victim’s wallet, she, with an accomplice, threw hot coffee in his face and pushed him to the ground, causing the man to fracture his hip. The alleged accomplice, Geneva Johnson, was later arrested.

Among 18 counts against her in the case, Golden is charged with two counts of first-degree robbery and second-degree gang assault. She is being held on $15,000 bail or $10,000 bond. The complaint quotes Golden telling officials, “I tried to help him up and call the police, I didn’t push him, my coffee flew in the air, it was all Geneva’s idea.”

Police say Golden’s thievery at Victoria’s Secret began on Feb. 15 when she stashed 45 pairs of underwear, worth $990, in a bag and walked out of the store. The next week, on Feb. 26, she returned twice and stole 32 pairs of underwear and 120 bras valued at $1,596 and the day after she took 100 pieces of underwear and 15 pairs of pajamas, according to the complaint. She allegedly returned yet again, this time on March 3, and took 110 pairs of underwear valued at $1,813.

R train at Rector Street, 2/25, 10:10 am

A 67-year-old Brooklyn resident reported that a woman boarded the rear of the train with her at Cortlandt Street. When the train pulled into the Rector Street stop, the woman grabbed her $1,000 iPhone. The victim started to run after her but a witness stopped her because she had forgotten her bag on the train.

In front of 115 Broadway, 2/25, 7:04 am

A driver left his 2009 Ford van running while he went inside the building to make a delivery. When he returned less than five minutes later, the vehicle was gone. The driver also lost his cell and ID.

Platform of #2 train, Fulton St. Station, 2/22, bet. 10:50 and 11:30 pm

Police arrested a 52-year-old Bronx man for allegedly stabbing a 37-year-old woman from South Orange, NJ, in the head and a Brooklyn man, 55, in the hand. Both victims were attacked with a screwdriver and both suffered small lacerations. The man was arrested and charged with assault.

79 Franklin, 2/19, 7:09 pm

A thief forcibly entered the Happy Science Temple by breaking the front door glass window. Video shows him opening multiple desk drawers before leaving empty handed.

N train at Cortlandt Station. 2/19, 2 am

A woman fell asleep on the southbound N train with her purse around her. As the train entered the station she was awoken by a man attempting to remove the bag from her. The 24-year-old Brooklynite tried to stop him but the thief made a fist threatening her and she let the man take her wallet. He removed her credit card and gave her purse back. Her card was used shortly after at a nearby 7Eleven.

N/R line at City Hall stop, 2/17, 4:20 am,

A thief snatched a Samsung Galaxy cell phone from a woman, 22, as the train pulled into the station. When the door opened, he fled.

Apple Store, the Oculus, 2/16, 2:36 pm

Two men removed two cellphones worth a total of $1,198 from a display table in the store.

Greenwich & Chambers, 2/14, 6:45 pm

A school bus driver reported that someone stole her wallet from her bag while she was driving. She lost several credit cards, a health insurance card and a monthly MetroCard.

In front of 52 Walker, M1-5 Lounge, 1/20, 1:13 am, reported 2/13

A New Jersey man handed his TD credit card to his car service driver. The driver dropped it and then handed a card back to him. When the man tried to use the card in the club and it was declined he realized that it was not his card. In the meantime, $700 in charges had been made on his card.

Corner Reade & Church, 2/13, 6:35 pm

A 39-year-old Manhattan woman was waiting for a taxi when a thief grabbed a $1,200 iPhone from her hand and fled.

Abercrombie & Fitch, 199 Water, 2/10, 1:45 pm

Two women put 14 bottles of cologne worth $1,544  in a brown paper bag and left the store.

Murray & Church, 2/10, 3:40 am

While a man stopped to get coffee, a thief stole his 2014 Camry. By using the vehicle's GPS tracking system, the vehicle was found on West and Laight Streets where it had struck two cars that were waiting for a red light. The alleged thief, 30, who lives in a Brooklyn men's shelter, attempted to flee but was arrested by police.

iPic Theaters, 11 Fulton, 2/8, 10 pm

A woman accidentally left her wallet on her seat when she went to the bathroom. When she returned, it was gone. She lost her FDNY certificate, Carpenter's apprentice ID, Social Security card and NYS ID as well as credit cards.

NY Sport Club, 217 Broadway, 2/8, 4:30 pm

A South End Avenue resident locked his belongings in a locker before going to exercise. When he returned, he discovered that the lock had been damaged and opened. Among the items stolen was a wallet with $100, three credit cards, a driver's license and a medical insurance card, as well as a $1,000 Android Note 9 and assorted clothing.

In front of 75 Broadway, 2/7, 5:40 pm

A thief snatched a bag from the shoulder of a 31-year-old Queens woman who was walking to the subway. Inside was a purse containing $500, a $700 iPhone, keys,  earplugs, a book, and an unlimited MetroCard.

Chipotle, 2 Broadway, 2/6, 6:50 pm

The backpack of an employee, 19, was stolen from a storage room while she was working. The thief charged $324 on the victim's debit cards. The backpack also contained a $97 ring, a student ID and t-shirt.

Abercrombie and Fitch, 199 Water, 2/5, 1:30 pm

Two women entered the store and stole 10 bottles of men's fragrance worth $1,380 from a display rack.

The Gap, 172 Broadway, 2/3, 4:55 pm

Three thieves stole 15 Gap sweaters worth $1,049.25.

T-Mobile, 233 Broadway, 2/3, noon

A man removed a $1,100 iPhone from the wall and fled.

#1 train, South Ferry Station, 1/31, 11:30 pm

A 63-year-old subway rider became a victim when a man on the platform reached into the car where she sat and snatched her shoulder bag. The woman lost her prayer book, Prada sunglasses, Samsung phone and headband, with a total value of $315.

Bluemercury, 275 Greenwich, 1/30, 3:35 pm

After hiding four bottles of Revive Eye Makeup, selling for $285 each, into the pocket of his hoodie, he fled south on Greenwich Street.

Abercrombie & Fitch, 199 Water, 1/19, 4:20 pm (reported 1/29)

A woman put $1,104.worth of cologne in a bag and left the store.

One World Trade Center Plaza, 1/27, 4:40 pm

A man was walking on the plaza when someone bumped into him. A few minutes later he realized that his $30,000 Rolex Daytona was gone.

Prime Essentials, 345 Broadway, 1/25, 11:11 pm

A man was seen on camera breaking the store's glass door. When police arrived, they found the suspect inside removing property. A 39-year-old man was arrested.

Construction site, 287 Broadway, 1/25, 4:30 pm

A 56-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested for stealing four copper pipes worth $80.

South Ferry, #1 train, 1/24, 7:30 pm

After arriving at the last stop, the train conductor exited the train. He then saw a man stretched out on the train seat. When he told the man to get up, the man punched the conductor in the face and fled.

Vesey & Church, 1/24, 7:30 am

Someone broke into the back of a soda delivery truck and stole $381. worth of soda.

A train, Chambers St. station, 1/23, 9 pm

A 66-year-old Duane Street resident was walking toward the steps to exit the station when a man came up behind her and snatched her cell phone.

Brookfield Mall Food Court, 1/23, 7 pm

A Queens resident went to the bathroom, leaving his $2,680 Fendi coat on the table. It was stolen.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Brookfield Pl., 1/23, 5:45 pm

A thief stole a wallet and handbag worth $2,575.

Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store, Brookfield Pl., 1/22, 1:27 pm

An Edison, NJ, man, 34, put $1,770 worth of cologne in his bag and attempted to walk out of the store. He was arrested.

160 Broadway, McDonalds, 1/19, 3:35 pm

A 33-year-old visitor dropped his wallet before he was about to pay for his food. A man saw it and hid it with his foot, then picked it up and left the restaurant. The wallet contained 3,500 rupees worth $49, and an Indian credit card.

#1 train, South Ferry, 1/19, 2:10 am

A transit police office observed a man hovering over a sleeping passenger and then removing a cell phone from the victim's hand. The man, 47, was arrested.

10 Corso Como, 1 Fulton, 12/26, 2 pm (reported 1/17, 2:50 pm)

Someone purchased $8,859 worth of clothing, shoes and a hat with a stolen credit card.

Lower Manhattan Hospital, 83 Gold, 1/16, midnight

A 34-year-old Brooklyn woman was asleep on a stretcher with her bag. Surveillance video shows a man removing it and walking out of the hospital. Police are searching for the alleged thief, 61, who they have identified and who lives in a men's housing shelter. The bag contained a $75 wallet, credit and debit cards, which the victim cancelled, house keys and a water bottle.

La Palestra Spear Fitness Center, 70 Pine, 1/15, bet 6 and 7 pm

A Mt. Venon man placed his belongings in a locker without securing it and went to work out. When he returned a 90 minutes later, he discovered that all his clothing as well his iPhone and wallet had been taken. The total value of the stolen items was $795.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 1/13, 7:15 pm

A woman, 47, with a trespass notice from the store, tried to steal three jackets with a total value of $1,050. She was arrested.

Greenwich Hotel, 377 Greenwich, 1/10, bet 6:30 am and 2:45 pm

A 22-year-old Brooklyn man locked his belongings in an employee locker room. When he returned to his locker after his shift, he discovered that the lock was gone and that his backpack, jacket, shoes and sweater had been stolen along with his wallet containing $50 and credit cards.

25 Broadway, 1/9, 3:33 pm

A Canadian tourist, 54, put her backpack down for a few minutes while she took pictures of the Charging Bull. It was stolen. The bag contained $2,300, a camera charger and other miscellaneous item.

In front of 9 White, 1/8, 2:30 am

A 30-year-old woman who was socializing at Tribeca Tavern placed her wallet on a nearby ledge. A police officer observed a man searching through a wallet in the middle of White Street. After a brief investigation, police returned the wallet to the woman, who was unaware that it had been stolen, and arrested the suspect, a 22-year-old homeless man.

A train, WTC stop, 1/8, 8:20 am

A Brooklyn woman who was en route to school was pickpocketed during her ride; she recalled feeling her bag being tugged. The woman, 41, lost gift cards, a MetroCard, $20 and several credit cards.

Duane Reade, 100 Broadway, 1/6, 11:04 am

Two men stole $1,088 worth of Tylenol, Advil and cough medicines.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Brookfield Place, 1/4, 10:20 am

A man stole three Mackage jackets worth a total of $3,000.