Taste of the Seaport: A Full Plate of Fun on Front Street

At the Taste of the Seaport on Front Street, Ulysses Folk House serves corned beef and pulled pork sliders. Photo: Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

Oct. 18, 2014

With not one but two schools participating and twice as many restaurants, Taste of the Seaport was bigger than ever on Saturday, Oct. 18. Along tent-lined Front Street, from Fulton to a Peck Slip packed with kids activities, 45 restaurants doled out their their dishes, bands played and the crowds arrived to enjoy it all.

The eateries came from south of the Brooklyn Bridge down to South Ferry, all east of Broadway.

Begun modestly in 2010 as the Taste of Front Street to benefit the Spruce Street School, the Peck Slip School joined in this year as an equal partner and beneficiary of the proceeds. The school, now housed for its third and last year in Tweed Courthouse, will move into its Seaport home next September.

"We expect to bring in a lot of money for professional development and arts enrichment and classroom materials and everything like that," said Peck Slip School Principal Maggie Siena, who was taking tickets at the the Da Claudio booth, where Italian tea sandwiches and tiramisu was being served.  "But it's also a big community builder—not just for the Peck Slip community but the Downtown community."

"So many people here are still dealing with post-Sandy recovery," said Hope Flamm, chair of the Taste of the Seaport board. "So there's the spirit of lets make this bigger and better for that reason alone."


Slide show photos below by Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

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