Public Service Awards Presented

Each year the Downtown Alliance presents its Exceptional Service Award to people who “make life better” for residents, workers and visitors in Lower Manhattan. Alliance President Jessica Lappin presented the awards Monday morning at the Down Town Association. “From providing public safety and sanitation to enriching our cultural lives and educating the next generation of New Yorkers, they are a dedicated and remarkable group," she said. 

Below are the honorees and a description of their contributions, as provided by the Alliance.

Milton Eng, General Superintendent of NYC Department of Sanitation — Superintendent Eng has been at the sanitation department since 2004 and has been instrumental to keeping the Alliance's independent recycling efforts on track. From scheduling pick ups to securing equipment, he works with the Alliance to keep Lower Manhattan among the cleanest and greenest neighborhoods in the city.

NYPD Sgt. Dennis Feldman — Sergeant Feldman is part of the NYPD's 1st Precinct and oversees the Staten Island Ferry Terminal where he's done an exceptional job at keeping commuters and tourists safe by enforcing laws on vendors and ticket sellers. He also works closely with the Alliance's public safety managers as well as participates in our homeless outreach efforts with the Bowery Residents' Committee.

Stephen Friedman, President of Pace University — While President Friedman is stepping down this year from his official role, he's dedicated a decade of service to the Lower Manhattan community. Beyond his work on revitalizing the Pace campus, Friedman has served the community as a board member of the Alliance as well as the National Museum of the American Indian and as a trustee of the New York Downtown Hospital as well.

John Haworth, Former Director of Public Programs for the National Museum of the American Indian — Prior to his recent retirement, Haworth was a great advocate and leader for the museums and cultural institutions in Lower Manhattan. Beyond building coalitions among the institutions Downtown he's helped to build the neighborhood into a cultural destination.

NYPD Deputy Inspector Mark Iocco — Deputy Inspector Iocco is the Commanding Officer of the NYPD's 1st Precinct and responsible for all law enforcement in our area. He's been a huge assistance for the Alliance in addressing local vandalism and under his watch the Staten Island Ferry unit grew from two to six officers and now includes nearby Battery Park and Bowling Green.

Joseph Palazzola, Project Manager of the New York City Economic Development Corp. — Palazzola has been a key player in supporting the Alliance's recycling program. Beyond facilitating the pick-up of tons of material every year, Palazzola has gone above and beyond to work with our team to ensure the program's success, which now boasts 176 Big Belly containers throughout the neighborhood.