Launch of Graffiti Artist Robert Janz Poetry Book

Above photo by Ken Brown; below photo by Steve Stoppert

The launch of artist Robert Janz Poetry Book, "Post No Bills Poems"  will take place this Monday at Carini-Lang Carpets on Greenwich Street. Janz will give a reading and sign books, which will sold for $70. There will also be a selection of Janz art for purchase.

The work of graffiti artist Robert Janz, 82, is often exemplified by word play and his street shed mountain ranges, animals and hybrid ‘Bisomen.’ This volume features Janz’ street poems as seen through the lenses of seven photographers since they first appeared in 2011 in the city. Janz considers this his first published volume of “painted words.”

Belfast born, Robert Janz is an artist whose fifty years of production stretches the definition of drawing. The original outdoor "Post No Bills Poems"  poems have been worked and reworked in Downtown street locations for the last four years. Temporary as all street art, but photographed by countless observers, these poems exist today only in photographs.


When: Monday, Sept. 21, 6:30–8:30 pm

Where: Carini-Lang Carpets, 335 Greenwich St.