Late BMCC Leader Honored with Terrace Naming

Fiterman Hall's 14th-floor terrace, overlooking 7 World Trade Center, is being renamed for its longtime administrator, G. Scott Anderson. Photo: BMCC

A 14th-floor terrace of Borough of Manhattan Community College’s Miles and Shirley Fiterman Hall is being renamed for the school’s longtime administrator, G. Scott Anderson, who died last year.

Anderson, the former vice president of administration and planning, is credited with playing a critical role in the school’s efforts to replace the original Fiterman Hall, damaged from the attacks of 9/11, after years of negotiations over insurance, financing and environmental protection plans for both demolition of the existing building and construction of its replacement. The building finally opened in 2012.

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Anderson led efforts “to sustain and reopen the building after [the Chambers Street campus] was flooded with four feet of water, knocking out electrical and other systems,” Karrin Wilks, who served alongside Anderson in multiple capacities, said in a statement.  

Anderson began his career at CUNY in 1971 and joined BMCC in 1994, where he served as vice president for administration, planning and finance from 2000 until shortly before his death in June 2019.

The multifunctional terrace bearing his name overlooks Greenwich Street and 7 World Trade Center.  A formal ceremony, celebrating the naming of the  G. Scott Anderson Terrace, will take place next spring.