Downtown Alliance Safety Officers Honored

Downtown Alliance safety officers and Alliance president Jessica Lappin at the Sept. 27 awards ceremony, which took place at Bobby Vans Grill and Steakhouse on Broad Street. Photo: Downtown Alliance 

Eighteen Downtown Alliance public safety officers were honored by the Alliance Thursday for what the business improvement district describes as “outstanding service and success in making Lower Manhattan one of the city's safest neighborhoods.” Alliance President Jessica Lappin, along with senior vice president of operations Ron Wolfgang and public safety director Tom Dunn, presented the awards, which have been given each year since the Alliance’s founding 24 years ago.

"From helping people in need of critical medical care, to keeping kids out of trouble, to working with the NYPD to keep us safe, [our public safety officers] make an incredible difference,” Lappin said. 

Following are the award recipients, and the actions that brought them recognition, as described by the Alliance.


Supervisors Paul Lapera, Shawn Soto, Edwin Velez and Security Officers Joshua Baez, Emmanuel Bonnaire, Mohamad Dansoko, Jaheem Elie, Lauren Ferriera, Brandon Green, Shaun Hudson, Jose Matias, James Paige, Theresa Seignious, Ralf Lamour, Calvin Staton and Eva Velazquez 

On the morning of Aug. 16, Security Officer Dansoko noticed heavy NYPD and FDNY activity at the Fulton Street subway station by John and William Streets. Two discarded pressure cookers had been found unattended on a crowded subway platform. The NYPD requested help from the Downtown Alliance Public Safety Unit. As police officers and firemen evacuated the subway and closed off surrounding streets to pedestrians and vehicles, Alliance supervisors and public safety officers from all posts, along with Assistant Director Ed Drivick, helped police and firemen communicate with commuters, evacuate the subway and the Oculus, close off surrounding streets to pedestrians and vehicles and redirect pedestrians until the situation was under control.


Supervisor Johnathan Molina and Security Officers Brandon Green and Theresa Seignious 

On Aug. 20, Officer Seignious observed a woman in obvious pain and offered assistance. The woman told Officer Seignious that she had pain in her legs and that she was unable to walk or stand. Officer Seignious notified dispatch who called 911, and the woman was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. Supervisor Molina and Officer Green, who remained on scene, learned that the woman’s husband and child were in Zuccotti Park. Officer Seignious located the woman’s family and determined they were all in need of aid and shelter. Supervisor Molina notified Leroy Perkins, a team leader at the Bowery Residents' Committee (BRC). Through interviewing the husband, the team learned that the family had been homeless for two months. Once the woman was discharged from the hospital, BRC placed the family in the Path Family Shelter. 


Security Officer James Paige

On Oct. 30, Officer Paige was on patrol when he observed a pedestrian struck by a bicyclist while crossing Broadway at Maiden Lane. Officer Paige notified dispatch and stayed with the pedestrian until emergency medical services arrived at the scene. The man was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital where he was treated for a broken arm. 


Security Officer Nathan Turner 

On Nov. 8, while on post at Bowling Green Park, Officer Turner observed a group of teenagers carrying a large piece of wood with rusty nails protruding from one end. Officer Turner told the teens that their “club” could be considered a weapon and attract negative attention from police. The teens voluntarily gave the club to Officer Turner and continued on their way, and Officer Turner safely disposed of the item.