Cop Honored for Arrest in Robbery Pattern

Officer Tahirah Bourne receives the 1st Precinct's Cop of the Month Award from Dep. Inspector Mark Iocco at the precinct's March 29 Community Council meeting. Photo: Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

An eagle eye and quick response earned Police Officer Tahirah Bourne the 1st Precinct’s Cop of the Month Award, presented last week at the precinct’s Community Council meeting.

In February Bourne disrupted what Dep. Inspector Mark Iocco, the 1st Precinct’s commanding officer, termed a “robbery pattern” at ATM machines on Broadway involving the intimidation of women who were withdrawing money. The suspect, Zinious Gill, would alter the value of money orders from $2 to $200 and ask his victims to cash them and give him the cash, according to the criminal complaint. Gill is accused of twice taking money from customers at the ATM machine at 525 Broadway, near Prince Street.

“My anticrime team was tasked with the mission of hunting down this perpetrator. We had several pictures from ATM cameras and on patrol one of my anticrime cops [Bourne] actually spotted the individual,” Iocco explained, before presenting Bourne with the Cop of the Month Award. (Bourne did not comment on the arrest.) Bourne, Iocco said, saw the suspect when he returned to the same Chase Bank ATM machine on Broadway where he allegedly had committed his previous crimes.

“She’s not sure if it’s him or not, but recognizes the jacket,” Iocco continued. “This guy wore a jacket with a lot of different colors on it. She looks on her smartphone, finds the pictures of the guy and sees the jacket in one of the pictures.” Bourne, who was in plain clothes, then followed the suspect to a nearby ATM machine at 623 Broadway, north of Houston Street, and arrested Gill with two money orders on him, doctored from $2 to $200, according to the criminal complaint.

Gill is charged with four counts each of forgery and possession of a forged instrument, plus 2 counts of petit larceny. According to the complaint, the suspect admitted to forging two money orders and asking two people to cash them so that he could make a profit. Gill’s Legal Aid lawyer at arraignment, Anthony Graniere, did not respond to a request for comment.