9/11 Remembrances at St. Paul's Chapel and Trinity Church

The 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks will be commemorated at St. Paul’s Chapel (Broadway and Fulton Street) and Trinity Church (Broadway and Wall Street) on Sunday, September 11, from 8 am to 8 pm. St. Paul’s Chapel, part of the Episcopal parish of Trinity Church Wall Street, served as a relief mission for recovery workers at Ground Zero for nearly a year after the buildings fell.  

Precisely at 8:46 am, the time when the first plane crashed into 1 WTC (North Tower), the Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, rector, will ring the Bell of Hope in St. Paul’s churchyard in a pattern of “four fives,” (five strikes, repeated four times), the traditional firefighters’ salute to the fallen.  The bell, a gift from London to New York City a year after the attacks, is rung on 9/11 anniversaries and to remember victims of terrorism. 

Prayer ribbons will be distributed to the public throughout the day at St. Paul’s Chapel.

Those walking by St. Paul’s gates from 7-7:45 pm will see and hear an outdoor multimedia presentation that reflects the chapel’s ongoing witness to mass violence worldwide.

In addition to worship services throughout the day at Trinity Church, at 2 pm there will be a patriotic concert performance by the West Point Band.

The full schedule follows. All events are free and open to the public. Visitors are advised to check www.trinitywallstreet.org for any schedule changes. 


8 am         Holy Eucharist  

8:46 am    Ringing of the Bell of Hope  (The change-bells of Trinity Church will toll at the same time.)

9:15 am   Holy Eucharist

3:30 pm   Ground Zero Fellowship “Calling of the Names” Ceremony      

The Fellowship consists of first responders, volunteers, and family members of those who died on 9/11 and later due to related injury or illness.

7 pm    Words and Music: The chapel bears witness to 9/11 and to mass violence worldwide in an outdoor multimedia presentation.

Note: All events at St. Paul’s Chapel will take place out-of-doors.  The interior of the chapel is undergoing restoration in preparation for its 250th anniversary on October 30, 2016.


8:46 am   Tolling of the change-bells.

The Bell of Hope will be tolled at St. Paul’s Chapel at the same time.

9:00 am   Holy Eucharist      

11:15 am Holy Eucharist featuring the Choir of Trinity Wall Street

2:00 pm   Concert by the West Point Band 

8 pm       Compline by Candlelight